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    Strange and gross question.

    It could very well be the acid in the onions, both transferred through your skin and by inhaling it. You can try drinking some milk after chopping onions so that the calcium will help absorb the sulfuric acid in your system.
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    Sex or Affection?

    I would rather have a million warm hugs than sex.
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    The Sopranos....

    I'm still catching up on the fourth season via A&E (I think we're in the 4th) -- so I'm not reading this thread!! :D
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    Wedding Photos

    So beautiful, I'm so sorry I couldn't make it :( :mad:
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    Patio furniture at Walmart holds up to 500 lbs.

    Can always build some leg extenders from 4x8" :)
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    Water Aerobics

    I only get to do water aerobics when I go to the Glen Ivy Day Spa, which is not often enough in my book! The classes they have there are included with your admission, and the teachers are very aware of all body types and abilities. I'll swim laps and do underwater jumping jacks and the like...
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    Wanna get inked??

    Good avertisement to join the Clubhouse that way ;)
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    Military Wifes or Husbands

    Care packages: It all depends on what the soldier needs, really! I just sent the biggest bag of Splenda I've ever seen to a soldier in Iraq, along with Crystal Light, Splenda single serve coffee packets, a few computer magazines and a picture of us waving. He'd just asked for Splenda...
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    If you see a thread you'd like moved, and it hasn't been thus far, please PM me or Samantha and we'll get to those :)
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    Military Wifes or Husbands

    I have five cousins currently serving, and three close friends in Iraq. My dad and two uncles all served in Vietnam, as well as 10 cousins, and two of my cousins are on the Wall. Military service has been a tradition in our family since WWII. I'm only a second generation American, and as...
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    New Bbw.

    Welcome to the forums! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!
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    FFA's - Where you at?

    Looks like the General had some fun ;)
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    New Catalog: LivingXL

    Must have that camping cot... The price is high, but for something rated that secure it's worth it.
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    My best pair of flip-flops came from Reebok one year. They had steel supports, and they lasted FOREVER. They were rugged and survived at least 2 years of constant use. My luck now is awful. All the ones I've tried end up with something through the shoe sole within days, stabbing my feet...
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    letters to people and things thread

    Dear Carrie's boss -- Get a job where you actually understand what you're doing and leave my hot black-lingerie-wearing-minx of a friend alone!
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    Cell Phone Pics!

    Wow, I don't like many pictures of myself, but I like this one.
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    HAPPY WEDDING DAY, Tina & Eric!!!

    May the road rise to meet you May the wind be always at your back May the warm rays of sun fall upon your home and may the hand of a friend always be near
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    How much is real life like Dimensions?

    I am a geek. Therefore m = WYSIWYG. I'm pretty transparent here, and I believe in frank honesty both in the real world and on the boards -- because I don't want to lead a double life.
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    Ramen Noodles..............

    Here ya go, TSL -- this is the first place I learned how to use Ramen as a binder. It worked really well!
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    Wanna get inked??

    She's awesome! She has attitude and class, and style! I love it, Stan!
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