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  1. ChubbyBlackSista

    What is your weight right now?

    My weight. Right now is 148lbs
  2. ChubbyBlackSista

    skinny girlfriend

    Jumbo Man You can't make your girlfriend gain weight unless she wants to mutually
  3. ChubbyBlackSista

    The Pregnancy Inconsistency

    The magazine with Demi Moore on the cover she was just posing her pregnant belly she was proud of it But the other picture I just don't think they'd think it was sexy enough these aren't my words but that is just the business
  4. ChubbyBlackSista

    Before And After!!!

    You look great keep up the good work :)
  5. ChubbyBlackSista


    Sounds rather strange if you ask me Fat by Nature Proud of Choice. I guess you could define this as you're Fat by your Heredity but you're not going to change for anyone
  6. ChubbyBlackSista

    The Death of Whitney Houston

    I'm really saddened by the passing of the best R&B Icon Whitney Houston she was only 48 years old and she died Saturday Night. I was just thrown for a loop when I heard that she passed away, to tell you the truth I was not expecting to hear that Whitney Houston had passed away I heard that she...
  7. ChubbyBlackSista

    BHM BHM - By blubberismanly (~BHM, ~Stuffing)

    Excellent start... you really describe great
  8. ChubbyBlackSista

    BHM The Count - by Rellis10 (~BHM, ~FFA, ~Sex, Supernatural)

    Nice start to a interesting story. I'd like to know what happens with Anna next
  9. ChubbyBlackSista

    BHM Jamie's Tummy on Labor Day: A Prequel - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Stuffing)

    That was a good story. I hope to see more from you as an Authorist of this magnificent words
  10. ChubbyBlackSista

    I have a fast metabolism.

    Just stop exercising and lay around all day long
  11. ChubbyBlackSista

    becoming a femine fatty

    Congragulations on your wife wanting you to be her fatty Husband Frau
  12. ChubbyBlackSista

    How do you handle stress?

    Meditation is always a good thing for when you're trying to alleviate a lot of the stress that you're whether it be
  13. ChubbyBlackSista

    Hans and Greta - by SweetTea (BBW, ~~WG, Forcefeeding)

    Good Attempt for a starting glance. SweetPea keep up the Excellent Work
  14. ChubbyBlackSista

    I've gotten soo big!

    I'm sure you're not getting too big. Please don't talk down to yourself
  15. ChubbyBlackSista

    Before And After!!!

    Keep up the Excellent Work!
  16. ChubbyBlackSista

    What is your weight right now?

    132lbs is my weight at the current moment
  17. ChubbyBlackSista

    Celebrities discussed on here that I've morphed

    The pictures are amazing keep posting the Celebs that you're morphing
  18. ChubbyBlackSista

    wanting to gain......again

    If you feel the urge to gain again I say go for it don't hold back if you're not satisfied with yourself
  19. ChubbyBlackSista

    Happy Birthday Jon Blaze!

    Happy Birthday Jon Blaze
  20. ChubbyBlackSista

    What book are you reading right now?

    What I'm reading now is Mischief by Douglas Clegg. I'm really into the terror books they seem more interesting than romance books right now.
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