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    [in Lust-] a springtime poem

    [in Lust-] with apologies to e. e. cummings in Lust-spring when the girls are flab-luscious the little FA gentleman whistles full of glee and edieandbelle come waddling from bakeries and delis and it's spring when the girls are blubber-wonderful the old FA gentleman...
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    BHM Body Building - by Gentleman (BHM, Gormandizing, Imagery, ~MWG )

    I took her hand and we headed across the parking lot. I was on cloud nine. Luckily she was holding on tight or else I might have floated away like a huge balloon! Forever the gentleman, I held the car door open for her and was rewarded with another kiss as she slipped by into the passenger seat...
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    BHM Body Building - by Gentleman (BHM, Gormandizing, Imagery, ~MWG )

    That was music to my ears. I know that I had been working out at the buffet lines for months on end to build this manly body, but this was the first time someone confirmed what I already thought: I was hot! “Thanks a million!” I replied, looking directly into her eyes. Her cheeks...
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    Her Big Guy - by Gentleman (~BHM, Romance, Eating Fantasy, Feederism, ~XWG )

    To see a more realistic story go to "Body Building" in the Weight Fiction General BHM/Mutual Archive. Thanks!
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    BOTH Kelby and Will - By Undine (~BHM, ~BBW, ~~FA, ~FFA)

    I'm really enjoying this one. Brings out the angst that many large people feel.
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    A Poem for Valentine's Day

    Just a short poem for all the lovely gals who frequent here. I wish you could all be my Valentine! Au Pear! I was walking though the park one day, In the merry, merry month of May, When I was taken by surprise By a pair of lovely thighs In a moment, my heart was stole away. She was...
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    BHM The Dancer and The Detective - by Rellis10 (~BHM, ~FFA)

    I wouldn't be surprised if you got a movie deal!
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    BHM Body Building - by Gentleman (BHM, Gormandizing, Imagery, ~MWG )

    Thanks a million! I wrote these a while ago and didn't get a great response back then so I let them drop. But maybe I'll post a couple others I have stashed away.
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    Face or figure?

    I think that they are inversely proportional - the fatter a woman is, the plainer she can look and still be attractive. Which means that a thin gal must be drop dead gorgeous for me to even notice her, while I drool over huge girls who are rather homely looking. Of course, when a massive girl...
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    First Class Seats

    Getting lucky at 20,000 feet should now be called the Mile Wide Club!
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    First Class Seats

    I was at an airport last week waiting for my flight when I spied a rotund blond beauty (like Miss Stacy). My senses went on alert, but alas, she strolled on by to another gate. But it made me think: I would have given anything to fly next to her for a few hours, her abundance overflowing onto my...
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    If you’re looking to grow a spare tire...

    Try one of these specialties on for size!,0,1996519.photogallery?track=ss-mark-admail-apr09-fat-food I think I'll order a Happy Meal Pizza with a Cheeseburger Doughnut and Bacon Ice Cream to go. Oh, and a Diet Coke.
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    A Holiday Sighting!

    So it was you! Or maybe just another enlightened girl with a great attitude like yours. Gals like you rock my world!
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    A Holiday Sighting!

    I see many more plump beauties nowdays than I ever remember; a very good thing! But as any FA knows, a special sighting that includes the girl making positive comments about her size in public is a rare and wonderful thing.
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    A Holiday Sighting!

    A sweet treat awaited me at a holiday buffet Saturday night. I was finishing up dinner with a trip to the dessert line, when I heard music to this FA’s ears: “I could live on desserts…but I think you already know that.” I looked down the line to see a cute Hispanic girl working on her 300 lbs...
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    Facing the Fats – by Gentleman (SSBBW, Imagery)

    Here’s another little slice of life. Don’t worry, it’s not too fattening! Facing the Fats – by Gentleman (SSBBW, Imagery) She sat at the make-up table in her dressing room, completely overflowing the sturdy little bench. Her massive legs were spread wide to accommodate her vast belly...
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    My Fair Lady (1,2) - by Gentleman (SSBBW, Eating, Romance, ~Sex)

    Thank you for your kind words. This was my first longer story and I was hoping for some feedback, be it positive or negative. Like most of the writers here, I take my time to create a good story, so its nice to know it's appreciated!
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    My Fair Lady (1,2) - by Gentleman (SSBBW, Eating, Romance, ~Sex)

    Part 2 Peggy plopped back down on the scooter, and we slowly worked our way deeper into the fairgrounds. Up ahead was the largest structure at the fair, the agricultural exhibition building. It harkened back to those days long ago when most Americans were farmers. Fairs like these offered a...
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    My Fair Lady (1,2) - by Gentleman (SSBBW, Eating, Romance, ~Sex)

    SSBBW, Eating, Romance, ~Sex -Just a “fair-y” tale about a pleasant day out! My Fair Lady by Gentleman Part 1 Peggy sat with her legs spread wide as she ate, her immense belly sagging between them. She leaned in toward the table to chase down the last piece of sausage on her plate. As...
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    Ruminations at the Buffet, by Gentleman (SSBBW, Stuffing)

    You guys are right, of course, more could be written. But this was intended to depict a moment in time - the whole story takes place in fifteen minutes. Hopefully though, it whet your appetite for some longer pieces that you will see soon!
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