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  1. velia


    I am SO stoked about this campaign. Trying to get a picture of my girlfriend and I taken that we can submit!
  2. velia

    Looking for a CPAP pillow

    Vicki, Yep, I'm looking for a special pillow for sleeping on, not the nose pillow for the CPAP. I sleep on a pillow that looks just like what you posted-- maybe I should trade her for a bit and see if she likes it before expending the kind of cash that I'm seeing for a special CPAP pillow...
  3. velia

    Looking for a CPAP pillow

    Hi guys! My girlfriend was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. She got her CPAP two weeks ago, and finally has a comfortable mask, but she's really struggling to keep it on through the night as she has always been a side/tummy sleeper. I am hoping to find a CPAP support pillow for her that...
  4. velia

    Stamina increase

    Remember to be kind to yourself. I was around 354, having horrible back pain, and after dropping just over 60 pounds, my back pain is worse than it's ever been. I don't say this to discourage you, but to encourage you to pursue the stretching, physiotherapy, etc. Take it slow, and take it easy...
  5. velia

    Do you get annoyed when your partner can't do something because they are fat?

    Absolutely never. I accept the limitations of my partner, just as I expect that she will accept mine, whatever they may be. The only thing accomplished by huffing, sighing, and throwing a fit is making oneself look like an asshole. If a significant other is being rude or impatient about a...
  6. velia

    Shoshie stacks it on

    Susannah-- You are inspiring and beautiful! I appreciate your willingness to share your journey, whether that's in words or photographs.
  7. velia

    POLL: do your parents approve or disapprove?

    Exactly! Why make a big verbal deal about it? If you make a big deal about it, you set the tone that it is, indeed, a big deal. If you say nothing and show up with your fat girlfriend and act like it's not a big deal (because it's not), your parents may be less likely to react poorly. Even if...
  8. velia

    Health myths

    I think the issue here, GE, is that most of us were unaware of your status as a biophysicist or medical professional. Be that as it may, what you're discussing is a school of thought, not the end-all right or wrong answer. The you're-absolutely-wrong-and-I'm-right approach is going to...
  9. velia

    What obstacles do you face as a SS person?

    To the OP: I think your nonjudgmental attitude and encouragement will be huge. What Lilly mentioned about being careful if the gentleman is into you is definitely important. Make sure that if you're not also interested, you set clear boundaries about your intent. If you've already started a...
  10. velia

    Health myths

    What you're talking about here is something I'm curious about. Could you link up some reputable sources for more information about what you're discussing here?
  11. velia

    What is your weight right now?

    Congrats on quitting dieting!
  12. velia

    Health myths

    Most are not? Interesting.
  13. velia

    Shoshie stacks it on

    Shosh, I can never get over how truly stunning you are! How tall are you, if you don't mind me asking? You look pretty tall in the most recent picture you posted here. :)
  14. velia

    Colleen Williams: Not a bit of discussion?

    I totally get that. Is there anywhere online that this can be viewed? I am really curious about how it was handled. It really irks me that generally speaking, people who are this woman's size are only paid attention when they can be treated like a freak show for ratings.
  15. velia

    Un-Friending Feedees

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. I just know that there are social stigmas (stigma? How do you pluralize that?) being perpetuated by some people in the SA community, and it pisses me off that they would throw a fellow fatty under the bus for any reason. Division sure as hell isn't going to earn...
  16. velia

    Health myths

    I agree that natural, less processed and unprocessed foods are healthier, and that eating them in place of highly processed and genetically engineered foods would greatly improve the health of millions. However, I cannot say it would eliminate obesity-- also, I'm a little curious at your mention...
  17. velia

    Health myths

    What is a healthy diet, GE?
  18. velia

    Un-Friending Feedees

    You know the Good Fat People vs. Bad Fat People argument? I have begun to feel like the SA movement is becoming a platform for "Good Fat People." Good Fat People do what's perceived to be healthy, even when it's not, in hopes of acceptance. It seems that when a fat person makes actual healthy...
  19. velia

    Colleen Williams: Not a bit of discussion?

    Fluffy-- How did you feel about it?
  20. velia

    SSBBW & Flip Flops

    CastingPearls: My gf has very wide feet, and mine are just a little wide. We both have a pair of the Teva Mush's and love the heck out of them!
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