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    The Lesson - by Brett (~BBW, Eating, Revenge, ~MWG )

    It is more than 10 years that I read this story the first time with much pleasure. :eat2: Thank you for this great story! :)
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    Sexy Comfortable (~SWG, ~Eating, ~Romance, ~Illustrated)

    It was a pleasure for me to read each chapter of this story and to look at the illiustrations! Thank you very much!
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    Old Girlfriend, New Fat - by Swordfish (~BBW,~SWG, Romance)

    I agree! Full acknowledge! Thank you, swordfish, for this great story, although with a very sudden end. I always appreciate your stories!
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    Eve Enters Paradise - by Swordfish (~BBW, ~SWG, Romance)

    Swordfish, thank you very much for this wonderful story. I have always been a fan of Swordfih´s stories. For me they are the best weight-gain-stories at all.
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    Honeymoon Rolls (revised) - by Observer and ??? (~BBW, Romance, Eating, ~SWG)

    Thank you! I did already like the story when I read it years ago on the Dimensons Board called "Honeymoon Rolls" and now it was a pleasure once more to read the slightly modified story again.
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    Top 3?

    1. Shannon's Thanksgiving by Swordfish 2. Nancy & Ellie by Sly 3. The New Scarlet Letter by Earl Brown
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    Scarlet Letter Great story! :)
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    Jean Therapy - by Maverick (~BBW(Multiple), Eating, Intrigue, ~SWG)

    Great story! I prefer the first ending. I like revenge-style stories, so the whole story I like very much.
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    Shannon's Thanksgiving - by Swordfish (~BBW, Eating. Introspection, ~SWG)

    Shannon's Thanksgiving is my favorite weight-gain-story at all and Swordfish is my favortite author! I prefer the realistic stories with moderate weight-gain. I was thrilled by reading the story and I have the impression that the story is not completed yet. What will happen with Shannon...
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