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    800-pound aunt charged with fatally striking toddler

    When the circumstances of a news story are bizarre or out of the ordinary, the writer of said story is forced to include those fantastic facts, along with the mundane facts of the story, all in the first sentence of the article. What the writer did her was include the fact that the woman was...
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    Before and After

    Not to be an echo in here or anything, but you look absolutely fantastic. I'm glad you've been getting the support you need in this endeavor from your loved ones, and wish you the best!
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    Would You Like to Be Super Sized? - by JP

    I'm not sure if the math Hamhock used to compute Jenna's volume is correct. I tried using the equations on the website he suggested, and I got a similar number, somewhere abouts 12,063.715 cubic feet, and after the math that followed, got a similar final weight to his, about 361 tons. Now...
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    Dan Savage being a Jerk as Usual

    Yeah, I'm not quite sure what the problem is. Dan Savage lambasted the first guy for being such a cowardly, hateful piece of shit, as he should have; as for the other letters, he generally gave fairly sage advice. I actually enjoy Dan Savage's column, and reading this particular article only...
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    Fat Pharaoh Found

    I rarely post here, but I found this article interesting, and I could think of no better place to post it: Hatshepsut's Mummy Discovered Point of discussion: is it possible that some form of size discrimination was at work here when Egyptologists initially dismissed the idea of this mummy...
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    Doubling up - by Growing Girl (SSBBW, Eating Contest, ~XWG)

    I did some quick math on this. If each doughnut contained 200 calories, and if Jasmin weighed 130lbs when she began the contest, the she'd weigh nearly 2000lbs by the end of the contest. O_o
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    Looking for a Story

    I know lots of people post looking for old stories, so I'll make this brief. I remember a story about a cheerleader who would go to her cabin with her feeder boyfriend over the summer every year, and she would gain lots weight. But every time, she would then lose all of the weight before...
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    Yet another person looking for a story.

    Yes, Tiffany's Expansion was one of the first WG stories I ever read, and was my favorite for a while. But upon reading it after a few years, I realized that it has a lot of problems. One of them is the use of cooking oil, and how it apparently causes instant weight gain, but the weight that...
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    Hypermeals - by JP (BBW, Sci-Fi, Feeding Machine, XXWG)

    True, but Helen's comment at the end made me think that you intended it to be ten tons. "Well Jane I'd like to say that we're all through, but we're not just yet. We're now going to move you to my home in Alaska. There's quite a few people who have a huge interest in a woman your size. And...
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    Hypermeals - by JP (BBW, Sci-Fi, Feeding Machine, XXWG)

    Ten tons would be 20,000 pounds. Good story, though. It's really nice when the women in these fantasy stories grow to such fantastic proportions.
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    Did I miss something?

    Of course, I don't think anyone would argue with you on that. However, administrators of public forums (on or offline) are charged with a certain civic responsibility to uphold the spirit of the first amendment. It's no law, it's no requirement, and by god, it certainly isn't a big deal...
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    Did I miss something?

    Oddly cryptic. Oddly cynical.
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    A Fat Loving Couple Part 1

    Double post.
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    My New Story Site

    I like the navigation system you have on your site, however, I do have a few notes for you that you could employ to make your website more user friendly. First off, sometimes the text would get too small to read, at least, on mozilla-based web browsers (I don't use IE6, so I don't know)...
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