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    She - by steve aka - ~USSBBW, Extreme eating, feederism immobility ~XXXWG

    I really love this type of story and I would like to see more stories of this nature. It would also be really cool to get a back story on this one, how did their feeder/feedee relationship start, how did she get that big?
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    The New and Improved, "A Big Star"

    Ok, I'm going to start reposting the "Big Star" Series and Emily's age is now 22 If there is anything else you guys want me to change speak now before I repost anything that might offend anybody. -Quill
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    Did I miss something?

    I wrote the story, and I made Emily 18 on purpose just to avoid this type of thing. At age 18 you are an adult. I'm only 20 myself and when I started thinking up the idea for this story several months ago I made Emily 18 so she would be a girl my age, not because I'm a pedaphile or something. I...
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