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  1. bigplaidpants

    Hey guys, impress your friends...

    Hey BBM....We is well. Family is healthy and looking forward to Christmas. We just remain so busy.... You rock. K? Bpp
  2. bigplaidpants

    Hey guys, impress your friends...

    Not viagra spam. Something I learned on accident. Very impressive. Good for hygiene, too. After your shower, douse under your "self" under your skivvies with a couple of douses of baby powder. Corn starch works a little better than talc. When you go to the urinal the first couple...
  3. bigplaidpants

    FA poll - Are you bi-sizual?

    Can't rep you... Thank you for your testimony. Clear, and right on. Circle gets a square.
  4. bigplaidpants

    FA poll - Are you bi-sizual?

    James, I appreciate the motivation and the poll. Secondly, I, too, am surprised by the outcome. This going to sound cynical, but it's an honest opinion: Frankly, we live in a world where women - no matter how liberated - are still objectified. In this kind a world, I wonder if...
  5. bigplaidpants

    Cool YouTube Stuck Sequence

    I think the teeth go well with the pants
  6. bigplaidpants

    I'm the guy who hates the hot guy thread, let's talk about it here

    I'm just sayin... I've seen countless conversations move like this - in real time and on the net - regardless of content. Perhaps, just perhaps, the subject matter has nothing to do with it. Just sayin... (I don't expect any reps for an annoying post like this.)
  7. bigplaidpants

    Sexiest Songs Ever

    I don't expect anyone to follow these "Frim Fram Sauce" by Diana Krall - smokey voice + FA theme = :blush: "I Won't Hold You Back" - Toto Almost anything off the Tears for Fears Sowing the Seeds of Love album. Yea....I said, "album."
  8. bigplaidpants

    FA poll - Are you bi-sizual?

    LOL.... Men are bi-furcated creatures with forked penises. (the two penises are separated by a neck & torso...)
  9. bigplaidpants

    FA poll - Are you bi-sizual?

    You good, liberal, you.
  10. bigplaidpants

    FA poll - Are you bi-sizual?

    First, James - When I first saw this, I thought, "Arrgh. Not this again." But, it's actually an important issue, I think. I, for one, like clarity. I think the term "FA" easily becomes a waste basket for anyone who's gotten a boner over a fat girl....and, um, that's not an FA. I f'd up...
  11. bigplaidpants


    Phil, I haven't been on in a long while. But, I saw your post and find it, well, amazing. It's one of those "shocked, but not suprised" know what I mean? I grieve with you, but also admire the position you've taken and are taking. <bows to Phil> I hope you consider me good...
  12. bigplaidpants

    letters to people and things thread

    Dear Dim Friends, I have many of you in mind as I write that salutation. If you think you might be someone I'm thinking about, you can bet you prolly are. If not, of course, good to meet you! Welcome. Miss you. Last time I posted, I was sharing about the incredible journey my wife and...
  13. bigplaidpants

    You All Amaze Me

    Hey Megan, Welcome to the boards. I'm not on the Dim boards as much these days as I used to be. I may not see you again for a while, but I saw your post this morning and wanted to respond. Fight the good fight! I'm glad you found your way to Dim. It is what it is on the surface, and...
  14. bigplaidpants

    For rainyday, liz-diva, and all you logophiles

    This is absolutely hilarious. I just had to share it. Warm regards, matt bigplaidpants
  15. bigplaidpants

    New Avatar....Featured Artist

    New & Old Dimbots, Not on as much as I used to, but still checkin' in. Finally changed avatar today. Recent work from budding artist. Had to share. (Any reps or comments will be shared with the art-E-st). Peace & Love, bigplaidpants
  16. bigplaidpants

    Morality question

    Hey Les, We live in a c'est la vie world. People don't matter. Money does. Every ass for themselves. Bleh. If you're having any questions about it, consider them. If you have any reservations at all, I think you oughtta turn the guy down. There's something to not adding to another's...
  17. bigplaidpants

    Curvage replacing Dimensions

    This thread exploded to 7 pages in less than 24 hours and it had NO PICTURES. I just had to post. I am soooo an individual.
  18. bigplaidpants

    Need wishes for a dimmers in the hospital

    Maria, My wife and I were in the hospital 4 weeks unexpectedly between Thanksgiving and Christmas. She was the one that was ill. She's doing OK now. My point is, we understand what the road to and from health is. Sometimes, it was everyone reaching out that held us up! Magnoliagrows...
  19. bigplaidpants

    Wife got critically ill; haven't been able to visit Dim much

    Dim Family, It's difficult to express the gratitude I feel for your expressions of love and support. The events of the last 5 weeks have had that constant "I can't believe this is happening" feeling. But, overwhelmingly, what has been just as powerful is the outpouring of love and support...
  20. bigplaidpants

    Name a FA character from film or TV

    Wilbur Turnblad (Christopher Walken) was definately portrayed as an FA in the Hairspray remake this year. He was presented as both a nut-job and faithful husband in the film.
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