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  1. xm41

    Vile disgusting ignorant family members

    Talking to him doesn’t work. He has been told hundreds of times both by me and other members of the family. He simply will not shut up. Even when he isn’t talking he is giving dirty looks. When confronted he hays he does it because I need to hear it. It has been this way my whole life. I’m...
  2. xm41

    Vile disgusting ignorant family members

    Does anybody have to deal with a family member who needs their head slammed into a wall? My father is an extremely anti fat prejudice person. His comments are outright vile insults. He thinks fat people deserve no respect and should be subject to open ridicule. Tonight at thanksgiving he said...
  3. xm41


    I hate to put this image in your head but how many SSBHM's do you think can fit in a single lifeboat. :D XM41
  4. xm41


    I've had dreams like that from time to time. Dreams where you're just so happy that waking up is depressing and you have a empty longing feeling. On a side note one thing that is almost always guaranteed to give me weird vivid dreams is eating cheese before bed. Ron...
  5. xm41

    Biggest BHM on the DIMS board

    I'm a bit over 500. I need to loose a bit for health reasons. I don't know what the hell I was doing when this pic was snapped. XM41
  6. xm41

    Where's SSBHM's??

    I'm from Pittsburgh, PA. I'm a SSBHM at just over 500lb. Ron
  7. xm41

    Attached or looking?

    How do you feel about Pittsburgh, PA? :) Not into gaining however as I'm already over the 500lb point. Ron
  8. xm41

    Girls That Like Big Guys Post Pics And Any Comments Here

    Why would you miss it? Armpit hair on a woman is not attractive.:eek::( Otherwise you are hot. :wubu::eat2::smitten: Ron
  9. xm41

    Long car rides with a BHM

    Well, we made it there and back. We had lots of fun and it wasn't too squished because we took a van. Funny thing happened to me at the con. I was talking to a guy in an SG-Atlantis costume and he told me that since I had seen him with his husband earlier that it’s kind of obvious that he likes...
  10. xm41

    Long car rides with a BHM

    It was just a joke. The guy is a friend. I was just being silly. Ron
  11. xm41

    Long car rides with a BHM

    On Fri I will be taking a long car ride in a car with 4 other people. I don't think there will be any FFA's in the group. :( Come to think of it I think it's going to be all guys. :doh: One of them is Gay and he's into chubs. :eek: Suddenly I'm depressed. And kinda scared. :) Ron...
  12. xm41

    Attached or looking?

    I made my first post on a bit if a whim too. And it was also pretty much a cry for attention. It's kind of funny that when you find a community where you are desired it only serves to remind you of what you don’t have. That in turn only makes it harder to find those things you want. It’s a big...
  13. xm41

    Attached or looking?

    After while you get used to just not having. It still hurts but you get into a pattern that you can't get out of. At least I can't. I've never had any luck meeting women and that was when I was going out all the time. Even when you have friends being a BHM you are not the one your friends...
  14. xm41

    Do you like your BHM Flashy

    I'm a jeans & T-shirt guy. I almost never wear a shirt with a collar. I mostly wear black, blue and other darker colors. I never wear jewelry of any kind. I don't even own a watch. I guess I'm the opposite of flashy. Ron
  15. xm41

    Any FFA’s going to Shore Leave Sci-Fi con in Baltimore?

    There seems to be a lot of FFA geek love. There is no better place to find BHM's than at a Sci-Fi con. I will be attending with a group of friends this year. I don't do costumes but being a SSBHM I kind of stick out in any crowd. Ron
  16. xm41

    Where are the Skinny FFAs at?

    I'm glad there are so many small FFA's. I came here looking for small FFA's. This is the only place on the net that I know of where small FAA's hang out (other than the BHC that is). I really wish I knew of others. I sure as hell wish I knew of one in real life. :) I have never had the...
  17. xm41

    Musical Snapshots

    I'm a little compulsive in my music collecting. For info on my music collection see my website. Ron
  18. xm41


    I chose mine because I was listening to my Favorite channel on XM Radio when I was thinking of a username. I'm just not very creative. Ron
  19. xm41

    BHM's Big Cars

    Let’s face it. We all have to get around. The problem is that since about the time they started putting airbags in cars they have been putting the seats closer to the steering wheel. Cars today just don't have the belly room that cars of the 70's & 80's had. My last car was a 1980 Chevy...
  20. xm41

    New BHM saying Hello (pics inside)

    Hi, My name is Ron. I guess I'm what you would call a SSBHM. I'm 40yo and I live in Pittsburgh PA. I've been a fat guy all my life. I don't eat like a pig. In fact I don't eat any different than most people except I make a conscious effort to avoid things like chips, cakes and candy...
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