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  1. Discodave

    Post Your Drunk Pics!

    If i dont win the thread with this picture i will be upset. I think this was day 2 of t in the park last year, and hadnt been sobber once yet of those 2 days.
  2. Discodave

    time for vacation

    Poor bunny is sad :(
  3. Discodave

    time for vacation

    This thread is quickly turning into a star trek facepalm fest.
  4. Discodave

    what are u doing right this minute?

    Looking out at the snow trying to decide if i would look silly building a snow man
  5. Discodave

    time for vacation

    5 now. And what about Venus. I hear thats hot this time of year
  6. Discodave

    time for vacation

    Cant beleave you stole my picard facepalm :P
  7. Discodave

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    My poor work shirt. I guess eating my weights worth in food and drink over last 5 days has left it abit snug.
  8. Discodave

    time for vacation

    Germany, i will bring my beer hat and motorbike.
  9. Discodave

    What are you unhappy about today?

    My horrible hang over/sugar rush fall out. 5 days of constent eating and drinking and i feel like someones slowly smacking my head with a large hamer. bleh
  10. Discodave

    Looking for a story.

    My good dead of the year. If the names right, this is the story you meant
  11. Discodave

    The full to bursting of christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone. Thought i would share a festive tale, since im not moving for abit. This year for christmas i decided that i was going to try and visit as many of my family as possible. So this morning went round my brothers house and had a christmas lunch with them. All very nice i...
  12. Discodave

    "Why do you visit this board?" and other questions.

    I come for the free food and beer. Wait what do you mean theres no beer *Sulks in the corner*
  13. Discodave

    location, location...

    Whats wrong with dundee :D Yea it maybe rains all the time, The buses are rubbish and always have stroppy drivers The list goes on and on. Just as well i live in Broughty ferry instead bwhahah. But Dundees not that bad is it?
  14. Discodave

    what is your favorite xmas song?

    Easy - Fairy Tale of New York, always the first christmas i play when i switch my christmas tree lights on for the first time eacg year And a possible close second
  15. Discodave

    Do some women like fat guys?

    Need more folk from scotland haha, all the FFA seem to be elsewhere. I must double my search efforts.
  16. Discodave

    Just back from holiday. Think i found a little piece of heaven

    Two words. All inclusive. Went across to turkey for a week to stay at the hotel Atlantis in belic. And its probley one of the best weeks ive had in ages. The hotel was excelent. The staff there friendly. Being all inclusive, i expected alot of restrictions, like you could only drink certin...
  17. Discodave

    Funny, Offensive, Useful or Stupid?

    Meh, Got a smirk out of me. And to be honest, ive heard and read much worse.
  18. Discodave

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    Trully my most epic of pictures ever. Incredable hulk t shirt with most stupid looking glasses ever. Good times
  19. Discodave

    What do BHMs drive?

    I used to drive A junlin 125. Nothing fancy. But it looked good. Or at least it did untill i fell off it coming back from work one night. Bloody scottish weather. One minute clear night, next, wind picks up, peeing with rain. And i lose it coming under a tunnel and being caught out by the wind...
  20. Discodave

    Fat guys eating!

    You have two choices. One is annoying song, the other an amusing song. Which will you see first 1: or 2:
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