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  1. Waxwing

    I hate my body.. want to gain so badly..

    So as someone who is currently being treated for an ED, (eating disorder, not erectile dysfunction), what I notice first about your post is "I hate my body". I think that the conversation should stop there, because the center of the issue is dissatisfaction and self-hatred, not being fat or...
  2. Waxwing


    Saoirse, I haven't read all the pages of this thread. But my immediate reaction is that your friend shamed you, and that you're reacting to her negative views of sex. Sex with some emotional connection is OK. But what's also OK is getting laid without thought to emotional depth or future...
  3. Waxwing

    Georgia vs Fat Kids

    While I think that this was the intent, I do think that they miss the mark. It's hard to argue that we live in a society in which many parents are blind to the health problems they're causing for their children. But any PS campaign, if it involves the children themselves, will give bullies a...
  4. Waxwing

    The fall of fat

    Wait, I know nothing about your past assitude. But what you're asking, essentially, is when did the idea of 'fat' change from being pejorative into positive. And the answer is that it didn't. The difference is that we are now able to make connections with people who don't condemn what we like...
  5. Waxwing

    The fall of fat

    I second that emotion.
  6. Waxwing

    The fall of fat

    "scientifify" is my new favorite word.
  7. Waxwing

    Tips on Bash Behavior

    Mr. Burgundy, you have a giant erection.
  8. Waxwing

    Define "well-proportioned" fat

    It doesn't really mean anything because it is completely adaptable to your personal preference in body type. If I really really dig a 30-35-48 body, then to me that is "well-proportioned". I think that in general usage it's sort of synonymous with "evenly-distributed", but that's not as sexy a...
  9. Waxwing

    FAT people blamed for global warming and bad economy

    Are you kidding? I'm keeping my eye on you and writing down every bump and bruise. I want to be reimbursed in cash for my tax contribution to your body. :p
  10. Waxwing

    Names for Vagina.

    I haven't read the whole thread, so forgive me if this is a repeat. My grandmother used to say, "you wash down as far as possible, and up as far as possible, and then you wash possible." So I guess when I was young "possible" was the ridiculous nickname. If, god forbid, we would sit...
  11. Waxwing

    Howdy from Iraq

    Welcome, Red! Watch your 6 and stay safe. Good to have you here.
  12. Waxwing

    Air Fresheners

    Absolutely. I'm baffled at the prevalence of air fresheners and things. How about just, you know, cleaning up or opening a window? And I get that having a nice smell sprayed around the room is a fun thing, but we're already exposed to SO many toxins...what sense does it make to fill our homes...
  13. Waxwing

    Chinese-made Cadbury (rly?) chocolate contains melamine

    hey, don't knock it...
  14. Waxwing

    BBW Covergirl

    You guys are making me all curious. *pause for googling* Man with hole in head....Roswell...I see. It's kind of like Research. Was that what that mag was called?
  15. Waxwing

    FA who avoid the word fat.

    I think that people may be reluctant to use the term if they've not been exposed to it in a positive light. Before I joined Dims I only knew the word "fat" as a pejorative one. Now I use it either as a neutral description or as praise. That's a huge change from a lifetime of thinking that it...
  16. Waxwing

    BBW Covergirl

    wait wait what is bizarre mag? why gross? TELL ME! explain for this side of the Atlantic. also...(i say totally casually)...she makes porn?
  17. Waxwing

    BBW Covergirl

    wow. gorgeous woman. great shot.
  18. Waxwing

    Jennifer Love Hewitt caves to the "you're too fat!" crowd

    I don't think that Hewitt was ever as comfortable with her size as she claimed, given that she lied about it. On no planet was she a size 2 at her "largest". But see, she lied and said she was a 2 to save face. She's not a 2 NOW. I mean, I don't give a shit if she gains or loses-- or why she...
  19. Waxwing

    I'm a wimp! I'm so afraid to gain!

    If it feels right to you, than it is right.
  20. Waxwing

    Everyday Food Pics - Part II - keep snapping!! :D

    Risible, I am pricing flights to your house. :p
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