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    Happy New Year!

    sooooo, what did u all do????
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    Happy independence Everybody!

    hope u all have great plans for today and tomorrow ;)
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    OMG, somebody PLEASE open up another good thread!

    isnt anybody else tired of the same old threads??? :confused::confused::confused:
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    what was the best part of your day?

    mine was the hours i had all to myself.....
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    do u get lazy on your days off?

    last night i was full of motivation with a list of things to do today....now its already 9 am and i have no drive...sooooo lazy!
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    Did U Learn Something New Today?

    i sure did...my boots aint waterproof!!!! :mad:
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    Happy New Year Everybody!

    enjoy whatever u have planned for this evening....:D
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    why do ppl talk shit about other ppl?

    i always wondered, does it make them feel better about themselves, or is it just a nature?
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    time for vacation

    where we going????????
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    OMG the snow!!

    its everywhere!!!!!!!!!!
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    brownie cake or marble cake?

    cant decide which to bake :eat2:
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    i'm thankful for...

    my life, health , job and of course great friends!! what about u?
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    Female Appreciation Week!

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    whats for dinner tonight?

    i made a yummy mushroom barley soup with beef in it plus chicken cutlets with a sauce over it fried brown rice apple cobbler / ice cream anyone hungry?
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    do u guys prefer

    the bikini area all off? landing strip? all natural?
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    anyone agree?? :D:D
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    how come no one ever uses the chatroom?

    its always empty
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    its colddddddddddddd

    dont know where all of u are from.....but here i N.Y its damn colddddddddddd today!!
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    am i allowed to ask a naughty question here?

    just checking...before i ask it
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    i need a good movie title

    im boreddddddd, i need a name of a good movie to watch on hulu.com NOT PORN, lol thanks in advance for ur help guys...of course it would be so much better if i had a bhm to snuggle up with;)