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    Has anyone here bought an external charger for a Macbook battery?

    That's the question! Has anyone bought an external charger for a Macbook battery? My favorite cafe to work in has just roped off their outlets for good. I have a spare battery, and I could work all day if I could charge it again after use. I found a couple on Amazon but I don't know if...
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    FA age distribution

    Hi all! I meet lots of single FAs in the their 20s and some in their 40s, but I very rarely encounter single FAs in their 30s... I wonder if anyone else has noticed this? If so, what do you think could account for this skewed age distribution?
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    I knitted a stomach!

    I know I haven't been around in a while... mostly getting my life back in order and applying for jobs. And I knitted a stomach! A friend of mine has bad stomach issues and eating issues, so I knitted her a friendly stomach that she could cuddle and love. :)
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    Edible hats!

    Among other things! Check this out... very interesting Spanish artist Alicia Ríos uses food as her medium. She makes hats out of meat, bakes entire cities, and constructs Flemish galleons from fruit. http://www.alicia-rios.com/en/food/edible-representations.html Here are some of the hats:
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    disappointed by Beth Ditto line

    I just looked at the Beth Ditto line for Evans, and I must admit that I'm pretty disappointed. This seems like Evans gear (Evans does have some cute things!) with funkier patterns. I was expecting something edgier/sleeker from her, and certainly more selection! Am I missing something...
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    swine flu death attributed to obesity

    A vice-principal of a public school in NYC recently died from the swine flu. Until now, his death was classified by the press as a result of swine flu exacerbated by "preexisting conditions," likely respiratory issues. His widow, however, has stated that he was on medication for high blood...
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    Newly-married BHM and wife go nuts during their first dance

    This newly-married couple is crazy, but they're obviously having a lot of fun and are meant for each other. Their insanity is rather touching! Pardon to those who have already seen this- sent to me by my mom: http://www.parkwayreststop.com/archives/2937
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    Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture

    Does anyone read this journal? It's one of my favorites since it discusses scholarship, literature, art, etc. that focuses on food. Since much of my own work deals with the use of food in art in one way or another, I LOVE IT. The editor in chief is Darra Goldstein, who I met (and actually...
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    baby bats

    Hi guys, just thought I would share something I made for a friend with a new baby (decoration purposes only with all those buttons). It's the first of three (blue and yellow to come). I'm happy with how the first one came out, minus the visible black thread for the wing button. You wouldn't...
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    Molecular gastronomy

    Any thoughts? Kind of the opposite of the slow food movement, but intriguing nonetheless. Has anyone here even been to a restaurant that specializes in this, and what were your experiences? I'm going to WD50, and I'm hoping there will be some interesting things on the menu. Wylie Dufresne...
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    This car could transform anyone into an FA!

    I'm sure these have been posted somewhere, but a search didn't elicit anything, so sorry if this is a repeat. From a series of fat cars by artist Erwin Wurm. He's obsessed with weight gain and its link to fluctuating societal power/value. I swear anyone would become an FA looking at these...
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    Update on Aris

    Hi all, Aris asked me to post this on her behalf: As many of you know, Aris fell and broke her leg shortly before departing for the Vegas bash. Did that stop her? No! The scooter and cast merely became fashion accessories for our lovely lady as she cruised the strip. However, it turns out...
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    any recipes for squash blossoms?

    Just got a bunch of squash blossoms, and I'm wondering if anyone has a good recipe for them?
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    Happy birthday, Irena!

    Just noticed it's your birthday- have a great day! Look forward to seeing you at Labor Day! :)
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    Your three food trees?

    The "what's the one food you could eat every day" thread reminded me of a game my friends and I often play at the dinner table: Imagine you are stranded on an island, and the only thing (besides you and shelter) are three trees that will perpetually "grow" the foods you desire. However, they...
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    Top ten grossest candies

    Has this been done? I came across this top ten list of gross candy. This candy strives for nastiness! Blech! Anything else disgusting that you can think of? http://candyaddict.com/blog/top-10-grossest-candies/
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    A Question for College Students

    Hi Guys, I have a question for all you college students/recent college grads out there. How is your willingness to put effort into a class related to your perception of the professor? The reason I ask is I'm currently teaching an art history survey course at a local university. I've taught...
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    Why are pissed off kitties so damn cute?

    Take a gander, if you will, at this bit of insanity: a cat sweater knitting contest. http://www.flickr.com/photos/crazyauntpurl/sets/72157603242675105/ a preview:
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    spice girl

    Hey all- I recently received a crazy gift box/basket of Dean and Deluca spices - over 35 big little containers, everything from hot to baking spices. It's a beautiful set, and they look great in my pantry, that's for certain. However, as much as I love to savor good and unique food, I don't...
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    the "skinny" latte

    I was in Starbucks the other day (yes yes, bring on the taunts- I almost didn't post this because I'd have to admit it!) and it seems that someone in corporate has deemed that a skim latte should now be referred to as a "skinny latte." I went to a couple of different locations to see if it was...