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  1. sockratezz

    Looking for a story about.....

    Thank you very much. That is the one.
  2. sockratezz

    Looking for a story about.....

    A secret club in NYC where the patrons can become temporarily super obese. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.
  3. sockratezz

    Looking for any more stories....

    I was wondering if any one knows anymore stories like "It's Just the Suit". That stories combines a few of my favorite things psedo-weight gain and fat suits. Anymore stories out there like that?
  4. sockratezz


    I know I'm a little late on this post, but I actually have done the same thing. I'm not a small guy to say the least 5ft 11in 240, but I did put on a fat suit and go shopping in Target and Walmart a few times. I don't think for a minute that anyone suspected I wasn't the size I appeared to be...
  5. sockratezz

    Entertainment Tonight fat suits: When will it end???

    As an aficionado of special effects make-up I have to admit the make-up was not very well done. Eventhough I know these types of tv segments bring the ire of a lot of people, I've at least seen better make-up and fatsuits used. This seemed like it was thrown together and rushed so it could be...
  6. sockratezz

    "The Urge"

    Ever since I was a kid I've had "The Urge". For me it wasn't really feasible when I was younger because I was a 3 sport athlete in high school which led to playing football in college. After college I still had a pretty high metabolism and stayed really active. But when I turned 30 my...
  7. sockratezz

    Favourite Movie Characters

    Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone. When he told Ike Clanton,"Maybe poker's not your game. I know, lets have a spelling bee.", I laughed so hard I almost soiled mayself. Also Chris Tucker as Smokey in FRIDAY and Mike Epps as Day-Day in the other 2 FRIDAY movies. And Jason Stratham, Brad...
  8. sockratezz

    How many of you are into immobility?

    Thank you. I now stand corrected.
  9. sockratezz

    How many of you are into immobility?

    First let me apologize. Maybe I got the whole "FORUM" concept wrong. I always thought that the reason you start a thread was to create dialogue about a subject and get feedback. Now the feedback can be negative or positive but that's why its a forum. I have started a few threads myself that had...
  10. sockratezz

    How many of you are into immobility?

    It all boils down to fantasy versus reality. Its good and healthy to have fantasies, but the reality is some fantasies have negative results in real life. For instance, some fantasize about flying like Superman, the reality is if you jump off a building and think you can fly you're going to...
  11. sockratezz

    Anybody remember Puttin' on the Hits?

    At least I'm not the only one who remebers the show. I looked for clips on you tube and found 1. Some young lady and her friends doing Sheila E.'s Glamorous Life. Damn if that didn't give me flashbacks to the 80's. I remember having my high top fade hair cut, rockin' the polka dot shirts and...
  12. sockratezz

    Anybody remember Puttin' on the Hits?

    I remember this lip sync show called Puttin' on the Hits that came on TV in the late 80's. The reason I bring it up because for some odd reason I remember this one act with this woman or man dressed as a SSBBW named Ms. Bozo Twaddle. That image has stuck with me all these years and got me...
  13. sockratezz

    Pretending to be fat

    Here are some yahoo groups that might interest you: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pretending2bfat/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WomanPretendingToBeFat/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fatwannabeclothspadding/ Those are just a few but they have links to other groups. There are quite a...
  14. sockratezz

    Pretending to be fat

    I learned a long time ago that what I might be into is not what other people are into. My love of padding and fatsuits is something I've had since childhood. But that's my thing. So you can't be upset if you air it in a public forum and get some negative reponse. Some won't get it and some will...
  15. sockratezz

    Pretending to be fat

    There are those who do like to pretend to be fat. Some would love to gain in real life but can not for many reasons(social or physical). It may sound strange to some but there are those out there who like to pad. I've chatted with quite a few. There are many padders, both male and female, in...
  16. sockratezz


    My Pops, God rest his soul, used to tell me "Beauty is skin deep, but UGLY is to the bone". Now he meant this in different ways. I've met some gorgeous women who on the outside were stunning, but when they opened their mouths it was ugly. they had no personality. In the same way I've met some...
  17. sockratezz

    Chunky Pam!

    That was real cool. :D
  18. sockratezz


    "The bible says 'Peace be still' So i carry me a piece of steel in my purse where ever I go"- MADEA:D
  19. sockratezz

    FEED the movie

    Look people, IT'S A MOVIE. Nothing more , nothing less. If it were a big budget Hollywood flick it wouldn't be making the film festival rounds or be in limited release. Personally, I like horror movies and I'll probaly see it when it comes to local film festival in March. But that's me. If you...
  20. sockratezz

    Big black women

    By dangers and failure rate i mean when some people get WLS, eventhough they are advised that it is a lifestyle change, they sometimes, and maybe its rare and i'm wrong, aren't disciplined enough to follow the new regimen once they get to their goal. But like I stated before it's my opinion. I...