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    News: Universal Muggles Too Pudgy for Harry Potter Ride

    Actually I heard of a guy who is 5'10 and 230 who couldn't ride...maybe "Forbidden Journey" is a good name for the ride...go to Disney and have more fun !!!!
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    Need advice from SSBBW's Who have recently visited Disney World

    Hope you have a great trip. It has been a little chilly there especially at night
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    Obese students targeted by curriculum at Pennsylvania college

    Interesting side note: Lincoln is a historically African American College
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    America's Best Burgers

    Five Guys is absolutely the best...they just opened here in NJ...very tough to drive past:eat2:
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    More Than A Pretty Face

    Becky You are so incredibly more than just a pretty face! Mike
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    Blood Pressure Issues {seeking diet tips}

    Rhonda A couple of thoughts. Stop smoking if you do. Cut out salt, in about a week you won't notice. Make SURE NOTHING you are taking raises blood pressure, either herbals or vitamins or anything. I consistently get MUCH lower BP readings at home than I do at the DR. Mike
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    Muffin Top

    absolutely beautiful
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    Your opinion on these body pictures..??

    It may just be me, but I think they are WAY to skinny ;)
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    Sexual attraction and activism

    It sure does Nancy ! ALL of you need to realize you are who you are...and that is preety terrific if you ask me!!! Want a second opinion ? Some of you..and you know who you are,,,are AWESOME. But remember beauty is only skin deep... Some of you have lovely personalities besides. Be who you...
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    Im Going Back To School

    Good Luck Ingrid...take it as slow as u need to , but just do it ! You will be proud of the results :)
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    *Wake Up* Call

    Wish you all the best Allie...you'll get used to it
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    The Dimensions server's death (technical)

    I concur Conrad...thanks for all you do
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    Allie's Roller Coaster. Admit 1.

    Hope everything works out for you allie ! Best bet is to watch all carbs and get as much exercise as you can.Wish you all the best always Mike
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    Oh More beautiful fat rubbing off on me

    damn u r pretty
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    I have a *Secret*

    I think its my favorite too, but then aren't they all????
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    Top 3 Sexiest Fat Babes - Who and Why?

    Ok First, I agree with Conrad. Second I agree with the ladies already mentioned...but HOW can you leave off: 1.Rhonda...BBWDream 2.Michelle...Meish 3.Tara...Tarella 4.Allison...BBWMoon And THAT is only scratching the surface. There are SO MANY lovely, beautiful ladies here and...
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    I need a hug....

    Rhonda I am so sorry to hear it. I will be sure to pray for you brother and your family. Keep me posted (((((((((((((((Rhonda)))))))))))))))))))))
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    Movie Tear-Jerker Moments

    Ok...you will all laugh at me but one of my tear jerkers is A Christmas Carol...when at the end Scrooge is good to the Cratchits.