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  1. BBW Goddess Anna

    ValerieSSBBW on Dr. Drew Lifechangers

    I was working at the time & missed the show, too, but I was following all the tweets about it. Anyone know where I can watch it online? I don't see it on Hulu.
  2. BBW Goddess Anna

    Women accused of hiding 'loot' in Fat Rolls. (so this is news?)

    I think the only reason they got caught is they got greedy. But I agree not sure how that is news in particular. People shoplift all the time, I thought.
  3. BBW Goddess Anna

    FAs and race

    I've lived around the Atlanta area all my life and I have also been big most of my life too. I don't go for a particular race, but it seems the black men tend to be more confident and out spoken perhaps when it comes to approaching me. I have dated both black & white men and I personally...
  4. BBW Goddess Anna


    Stephen Rea
  5. BBW Goddess Anna


    Forest Whitaker
  6. BBW Goddess Anna

    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 2

    Last night we watched the Expendables on DVD. I'll admit I wasn't too crazy about it at first, but it was all action & had no romance in it, which is good since I hate romanctic undertones in an action movie. I give it a 8 for all the awesome actors they managed to put in the film & the cool...
  7. BBW Goddess Anna

    So where do i fit in here ...

    When I first came here, I felt the same way, unsure of where to fit myself in. But as others have said, you just be you & be happy being....YOU! :D
  8. BBW Goddess Anna

    taking obese mom's kids

    Amen. Abused kids are being returned to their parents a murdered, but these children who don't really seem to the dangerous point of obese are needing social services why? Maybe there is more to the story, maybe there is severe neglect, or maybe people are just bastards. :doh:
  9. BBW Goddess Anna

    What is making you SAD right now...

    A friend of mine at age 23 decided that blowing his head off with a shotgun was a good idea. I have never felt this confused about death before. Never knowing why, and never knowing if I had just reached out a little more that he may still be alive. That is what is making me sad. :(
  10. BBW Goddess Anna

    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 2

    I am happy that I am the big, beautiful sexy woman I am!
  11. BBW Goddess Anna

    When its not PMS.

    I totally agree. As if we are ont allowed to have any feelings at all. Well said. :bow:
  12. BBW Goddess Anna

    Has anyone come out to a thin partner before?

    :bow::bow::bow: Cheers! I totally agree!
  13. BBW Goddess Anna

    Asshley Video on Jay Leno

    Thank You! I was watching with my bf, I kept thinking I knew who that was, but for the life of me could NOT figure it out. She probably wasn't paid since most of the vids he shows are up on youtube & in a sense public domain as long as you don't try to sell or make money off of them. But...
  14. BBW Goddess Anna

    BBW's and Skinny Dudes

    Before My current bf, I was always wife skinny, lanky looking guys. It was never a preference or on purpose, but they mostly fit into that goth/skater boy thing I had going for while. I do find they at times they can be more fun in bed and easier to get in certain positions with my big body.
  15. BBW Goddess Anna

    Ever had a crush on a fictional character? :P

    From G-Force I had a crush on Keyop, maybe because he was so freaking goofy. Also, I Loved Captain Harlock! And Lancer/Yellow Dancer from Robotech New Generations. :wubu: I was big into anime for a long while so I had several passing crushes for most of the boys, especially the effeminate...
  16. BBW Goddess Anna

    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 2

    It is beautiful outside; It is Friday & I am off tomorrow; my headcold seems to be fading; & I am in LOVE!
  17. BBW Goddess Anna

    I'm tired of...

    Georgia Public School system. Cutting funds left & right for what is our most valuable resource: our children!!
  18. BBW Goddess Anna

    Howard Stern Needs His Chain Jerked - Hard! Bad Dog!

    This is what defines "shock jock". Making controversial statements that borderline and even go over offensive without saying anything illegal. This gets people talking on both sides, agreeing with and protesting. This gets him more press, and the more you are in people's minds for good or bad...
  19. BBW Goddess Anna

    Woman aims to be Worlds Fattest (on The Drudgereport main page)

    *nods* Yeah, I figured it was too.
  20. BBW Goddess Anna

    Woman aims to be Worlds Fattest (on The Drudgereport main page)

    Just saw this & don't know if it's been posted yet. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2010/03/17/2010-03-17_plusplus_models_the_next_big_thing.html Her claiming it was a fantasy. Maybe because of the bad rep she got from it?