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    10 Honest Thoughts On Being Loved By a Skinny Boy

    I came across this video on Tumblr and wanted to share it. I found it quite powerful (and if it's been posted already feel free to skewer me).
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    What gives you a boost?

    Self-esteem seems to be a recurring theme here, so let's talk about what gives your esteem a boost. It can be anything that inspires your self-esteem: seeing fat positively in the media, something that happens in your day-to-day, or nothing to do with fat at all! So everyone, what gives you a...
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    So um... teenage spirit?

    Do you smell it? No? Alright. I'm not really sure what our magical subgroup is supposed to talk about. So, erm, being a teenager! Our time as teenagers is coming to an end. How does that, erm, make us feel? Ready to enter the 20s? Want to go back to 13 and write in your diaries? LET'S TALK AND...
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    Post Pictures of Yourself For Me To Spank To

    I like our little section of Dims here. And since I like it so much, I really want to make it the most efficient board it can be. So on those lonely nights, it's a pain in the ass to scroll through a 500-page thread to find a hot piece of ass. So if you could all just post a hot picture of...
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    I've apparently had fashion on the brain lately. Chubstr is a website dedicated to fat guy fashion. They include resources (both online and IRL stores) for clothing needs, articles regarding trends and style, and a chance to submit your own fashionable self to the site. Essentially, the...
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    Big Boy Fashion

    Click here for details. Basically, it's a tumblr site for fat boy fashion. And this is a site for fat boys, many of which have good fashion. ??? PROFIT (not technically money profit, but kick-ass all the same). Participate. Do it.
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    London Student's Fat Project

    London-based student creating a size-positive book. f you or anyone you know is interested, just e-mail her.
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    Interracial marriage liscense denied

    Sp apparently, we live in the '50s instead of 2009. A Louisiana justice has refused to sign any marriage liscense involving interracial couples, stating that "I just don't believe in mixing the races that way." It's a damn good thing I don't live in Louisiana anymore. :mad: Here's the link
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    Foods you thought you'd never like

    Simple thread - share your foodie experiences with culinary adventures that surprised you (in a good way). Perhaps you had your meat cooked a different way. Maybe you got crazy with a new fruit or vegetable. Or you tried some food from a different part of the world and loved it. Either way, post...
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    Death Clock anyone?

    http://www.deathclock.com Every wonder when you're gonna kick the bucket? Well wait no longer! With some basic information, you can find out the exact date of your death! Mine is January 29th, 2066. Dare to share? free2beme04 and affiliates do not endorse the Death Clock or its...
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    Computer Assistance Please

    My laptop was having issues this week, so I took it to Circuit City to have it fixed. I received it today, and it appears that they had to reinstall Windows over my other files, all of my files lost, etc... My problem is that my sound isn't working. When I try to play a song or listen to a...