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    A Picture of Health

    I like your friend's idea. Can we see any other samples of this project? (not necessary yours ;) )
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    How does it feel to gain? Should I go for it?

    That is what I supposed. But do you do it by yourself, or have regular checks? Does your doctor know what you´re doing? I am curious because I have also had the purpose of gaining, but I have always been worried about the health issues. (I hope my english is good enough... Excuse me if it...
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    How does it feel to gain? Should I go for it?

    Sweet, what do you exactly mean when you say that you are being very very careful?
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    Um... hello

    Mechanical squirrel? wow.:D
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    Um... hello

    Vaya! Pues sí que hay españoles por aquí. Hace bastante tiempo que leo los foros de Dimensions, pero como mi inglés es bastante regularcillo no había escrito nunca. Hello everybody!!!:D