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  1. The Fat Man

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 20 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Was 30

    http://www.esquire.com/blogs/culture/kareem-things-i-wish-i-knew?src=spr_FBPAGE&spr_id=1456_8333529 Fantastic read.
  2. The Fat Man

    Donna and Ben by The Fat Man (BBW/BHM, Introspection MWG/MWL )

    BBW/BHM, Introspection MWG/MWL - a hefty couple makes a revealing discovery - and a compact Original Authors Note: I'm decent at starting stories, terrible at ending them. I had visions of the "deal" the couple makes to continue on for a good while with some pretty sizable gains later on...
  3. The Fat Man

    Very descriptive weight gain stories.

    I'm looking for some of the better, very descriptive female weight gain stories. Very detailed descriptions of the actual gaining, how she changes, etc. If someone with an idea of what I'm looking for has any in mind, I'd love a link or an author to look up. Any help would be appreciated! :)
  4. The Fat Man

    Getting married on the 6th! Hory Clap!

    Ok married people, here's the thread where you (the gentlemen) tell me to run and you (the ladies) tell me how awesome and cute me and my Katie are! lol This Saturday I'm tying the knot with my fience, after which we're off to Disney World! Woo!
  5. The Fat Man

    Pro wrestling fans on this board?

    I know its not the most "cool" hobby.. but I'm a gigantic wrestling fan, I was wondering how many other closet 'rasslin' geeks were hiding here at Dimensions? I'm not just a WWE fan.. I watch absolutely everything available to me. WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor, I keep track of all the indie scene...
  6. The Fat Man

    Ace of Cakes.. lots of cute fat on this Food Network show.

    Anyone else catch Ace of Cakes on Food Network? Lots of chubby cuties for the fella's, lots of rolly polly guys for the ladies.. all making really awesome cakes (obviously a little tasteing going on in their shop, lol). Just thought I'd see if anyone else has caught the show and noticed, heh.
  7. The Fat Man

    A *weee* happy rant from The Fat Man.

    Sort of a rant, but I feel inspired and this is obviously the most accepting place to post something like this.. sooo.. *ahem* I've been a part of / aware / active / lurked what have you of this community, this "sub culture" for most of my young life, and no matter how logically I thought...
  8. The Fat Man

    Thanks Plump Princess! Haha..

    Flipping through the bio on your site I came across where you were talking about your favorite types of music, you mentioned H.I.M. in the same breath as a band called Kenna.. I love H.I.M. so I searched for Kenna on iTunes. Yow! Thanks for inadvertently introducing me to a kickass band, babe...
  9. The Fat Man

    Ok, seriously.. where my Texans at?!

    Statistically Texas is the "fattest" state in the union.. San Antonio being one of the fattest cities.. and over the last few years I've noticed a significant lack of lone star state folks here in the FA / BBW community. Are there any peeps from the big TX here in the board? Anyone friggin'...