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  1. Tracii

    How fat do you like 'em?

    Short stack I have been called that when a group of guys walked by. I had no idea what it meant.
  2. Tracii

    Models who lie about their weight

    Does it really make a difference? Most guys are just into the fantasy I think. I could be wrong too
  3. Tracii

    What is your weight right now?

    360 at the moment so down a bit.
  4. Tracii

    One Completely Random Sentence...

    Some are wise, some are otherwise
  5. Tracii

    Your skinniest and fattest pics - Part 2!

    Love the big belly frogman.
  6. Tracii

    What makes you feel awesome?

    How sweet claire
  7. Tracii

    What makes you feel awesome?

    I feel you Nina. I feel great when I get a new or used guitar. I recently bought a used Gibson Les Paul in a silver burst color.
  8. Tracii

    What are you wearing right now?

    Desert cammo PJs black fuzzy socks with penguins on them and house shoes OK not the cutest outfit but its warm. really cold outside right now.
  9. Tracii

    Any woman with huge wrists and ankles?

    As far as fat ankles not so much but I do have fat calves but what cowboy doesn't like that? I have lost about 60 lbs but my big belly still wants in the pic LOLOL.
  10. Tracii

    Where does the WANT to be fat come from?

    For me its the feeling of contentment. The really full feeling is wonderful and the fact that you know it will make you gain weight is just a sexy feeling
  11. Tracii

    do you guys think i creep her out?

    Leave her alone and let her enjoy her life with her BF. You don't have the right to mess up their relationship.
  12. Tracii

    The not-so-broad broad claims that Britain's "big butts" are a national disgrace

    Annoying person for sure. I would love to see her get really fat.
  13. Tracii

    Gained weight and visiting family for the holidays

    I hope they were ok with it but nothing they can do about it right?
  14. Tracii

    Let's see an OLD pic of you!

    Such a hottie Amy Jo and still are :) You too Kat love a guy in uniform.
  15. Tracii

    Delicious over eating.

    Same here if I don't have the compulsive desires my weight goes down and that may last 6 months or more give or take but once the compulsive eating desire comes back I generally will have a very noticeable weight gain.Noticeable to me anyway. I guess its hard for others to notice because I am...
  16. Tracii

    (Serious Replies Only) compulsive over eating.

    I can be full and see something that looks so good like a piece of cake or pie and just be drawn to it and want to eat it even tho' I just ate. Sometimes after dinner at home and I may need to go out say to WalMart or someplace like that and I will see a sign like Dairy Queen for example and I...
  17. Tracii

    Getting in and out of your car confessions.

    Well Surljer its good to know you smart guys appreciate a big girl.
  18. Tracii

    Hot purses for fall.

    Still have not found anything I really had to have and was willing to cough up the big money for
  19. Tracii

    (Serious Replies Only) compulsive over eating.

    Thanks for your comments I do appreciate them. I think posting helped me a little because I admitted it somewhere.