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    A wonderful dream

    if boberry gains it back it has to be the greatest comeback ever... if it comes with a rebound and a higher mark, legendary
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    Unintentionally hot comments

    mine... there has been plenty of discussions with the wife about not having enough room in the closet due to the fact that most of her clothes or at least a lot of it dont fit. so one very fine morning i was at the office and i receive a message, a photo, with lots of clothes that she was ready...
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    I just Quit drinking

    kudos to you, personally i get along fine with my beer but i have to admit that home office and covid and stress sometimes can get you in a drinking binge and sometimes it doesnt get the best personality trait out of you and you can hurt people even if you are not saying lies, just ugly truths
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    "Thick Thighs" new size positive song

    i have no idea why it is costing so much to accept curves, cellulite and rolls even do they are the norm in our ladies and we love it
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    Cow Fantasies

    i will use this post to say a somethings. first of all. yes, virtual reality may open a real possibility for people to live fatter for some time. of thinner if that is what they want to be. and second... i miss 620pounds boberry, she looks good and happy and gaining some weight back if the...
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    Those who have done both: Which is harder, coming out as F/FA or as non-heterosexual?

    cannot speak for both but as an FA i think it is easier for me to do that, because well, i happen to like curves, and a fat lady who overeats and is ok with it, the rest probably have to deal with bigger issues more moral stuff and such
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    a nice cleavage is a fantastic thing for us to enjoy but as we can see it requires some work from our female counterparts ! thank you ladies
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    I had another appointment today

    congrats ! thanks for sharing, hopefully all will continue to go well.
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    Life changing mobility aid

    that is great news, make use of it, a lot !
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    How Does Your Current Situation Affect You And Your Health?

    a lockdown is no good, simple as that... but there may be people more affected than other.
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    Roger is putting on sympathy weight

    wow that is nice to hear ! happy gaining , thanks for sharing
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    A wonderful dream

    same here... a dream... probably getting boberry on the upwards... or my girl telling me she is ready to gain a hundred pouds for me
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    doubling ones weight is a tall order !
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    Im getting softer with work out

    indeed it depends a lot on the type of exercise... and the area. weights or calories burning and the food of course. always a mix.
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    Roger is putting on sympathy weight

    congrats ! hope all goes will on the path to 400,
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    From FA to Gainer: Making Sense of Fat Sexuality

    i feel like i can make a contribution here. being an FA i have encouraged any lady i have cared about (aside family members) to gain weight with some success at it. even if temporary. if you have it you cannot really fake it. i like for a lot of reasons, to witness a gain and to be with a chubby...
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    Well the great walk away is almost finished

    there may be something about being online too much time that is probably making it more difficult to socialize in person, i have to concede that, and if there are no bbw bash or anything of the sort in town, well, recognize that and go out or learn to see our ladies just in the screen
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    Travel plans have been cancelled. And I plan to walk away from the big girls.

    bbw bash... well, difficult things to have, it would be ideal to have one on every city every weekend but even do months apart you are years ahead. here in mexico we don't have any bashes... and i would love to have a beer around my street that admits ssbbw only of course
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    I love being an FA

    if i were not an FA... and would want my lady to lose weight all the time and to visit the gym and to be fit i would have a hard time enjoying her belly and cellulite filled thighs or watching her eat burger and then dessert even do she clearly states that she is more than full. so hot for an FA.
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    Weight to be BBW,SSBBW and USSBBW

    that is a good and long lasting question, of course height has a lot to do with. but generally i would say, over 600 the ultrassbbw is granted. ssbbw just above 400-450 and bbw over 250 if you agree