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  1. ThikJerseyChik

    Toxic Work Environment

    is to document document document. I have been in your situation more times then not -- you will need a paper trail when you do decide to act. Good luck!
  2. ThikJerseyChik

    BBW musicians in contemporary music

    Linda Ronstadt -- she still rocks!
  3. ThikJerseyChik

    Road Ragin'- your opinions please, ladies...

    Have at it!! http://www.bumpersticker.com/ I have used them...you can make it say WHATEVER YOU WANT!! :bow:
  4. ThikJerseyChik

    Too picky for the fat girl in the family…

    I totally agree with this post. My son is a wonderful, caring, loving, nice man who has had more than his share of bitchy, cheating sluts. He is DONE - for now. His heart has been shattered and it will take a LOOOONG time and a very special lady to grab his attention again...and she will have...
  5. ThikJerseyChik

    Fearful of Obesity, Parents Starve Child

    There are so many people who do not deserve to have children....they have NO parenting skills ....no ethics, no value of human life and NO conscience. Then there are those who want a child so desperately..and cannot have them. It just breaks my heart. :(
  6. ThikJerseyChik

    Flippin the house, killing roaches, still didnt find the wallet.

    I don't get on here much anymore...and I randomly pick a thread to post on every now and again. Hang me high for 'reviving' this thread, lol ::::insert eyeroll::::
  7. ThikJerseyChik

    What is making you SAD right now...

    ((((((Scor)))))))) Losing a baby is a devastating ordeal. Prayers for your friend and her family.
  8. ThikJerseyChik

    Flippin the house, killing roaches, still didnt find the wallet.

    I am continually amazed at the harsh tone and cruelty that is displayed here. I thought this was an ACCEPTANCE based site? You can SEE who starts threads....why not just PASS on the ones you KNOW will aggravate you? Heyyou has the right to put his thoughts out there as does every other DIMS...
  9. ThikJerseyChik

    Fat bottom girls

    I love all the music everyone has talked about here - and everyone is entitled to their opinions and feelings..... .....and having sang all the songs listed acapella....I am gonna take my Big Bottomed-Fat Bottom Girl Badonkadonk to bed! :kiss2: ;)
  10. ThikJerseyChik

    What makes you awesome?

    I always see the upside...look for the best in everything LOVE to laugh - am very charasmatic and tenacious....never surrender and my ferocity is what makes me spectacularly awesome! I rock!! :D
  11. ThikJerseyChik

    Melissa McCarthy gets what she deserves!

    I enjoyed the way they all lined up on stage...like they were in a beauty pagent waiting for their Queen to be announced.....boo-yah!! :kiss2:
  12. ThikJerseyChik

    Im sure at least a handful of you have seen this mugshot...

    Total freak of nature....and look into his eyes....dead eyes. NO life whatsoever. He has no soul. Good luck in prison.
  13. ThikJerseyChik

    What is making you SAD right now...

    Hi Samantha - been a long time. I carry this with me; it has helped me take care of ME. Hope it helps you. LIFE IS A THEATER Invite Your Audience Carefully Not everyone is healthy enough to have a front row seat in our lives. There are some people in your life that need to be loved...
  14. ThikJerseyChik

    Hurricane Irene

    ...it could have been much much worse. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the DIMS members and their families affected by Irene and her wrath. NEVER underestimate the power of nature.
  15. ThikJerseyChik

    How do you maintain balance?

    Good topic - I struggle with this daily. Work, kids, husband, friends, school, fun....there just aren't enough hours in the day.....:confused: But, I manage :) ;)
  16. ThikJerseyChik

    Happy Birthday Mossystate!!!!

    Happy Birthday pretty lady :kiss2: :kiss2: :kiss2:
  17. ThikJerseyChik

    Inappropriate Smurf names

    Badonkadonk Smurf WTF smurf Where's The Beef Smurf Oh No You Didn't Smurf LMAO Smurf BiPolar Smurf Masoginistic Smurf Hedonistic Smurf Skitzophrenic Smurf and of course.......Dontgetallzitkusonme Smurf! :bow: :bow:
  18. ThikJerseyChik

    Do you get accused of being a "stuck-up B**ch"

    AnnMarie, you just described me to a T! xo
  19. ThikJerseyChik


    :bow: :bow: :bow:
  20. ThikJerseyChik

    forty- and fifty-somethings

    Yep, I'm old....need a vision appointment - thought you said 'giggling' lol :D