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  1. Tracii

    (Serious Replies Only) compulsive over eating.

    Just wondered if some here suffer with it. Its been something I have dealt with for some time. It has been a non issue thru most of this year but I have started eating compulsively again. I can have just eaten and not be hungry but be out somewhere and see a food item that looks good and I'll...
  2. Tracii

    Hot purses for fall.

    Been watching all the fall bag ads and I have only seen a few cute bags/purses so far. I thought the barrel bags were cute but not $395 cute LOLOL. What have you all found recently that is cute but at a reasonable price? Its not like I don't have too many purses as it is I just want something...
  3. Tracii

    Clearing PM box

    How in the world do you do that now since the board changed ?
  4. Tracii

    Mentos bloating

    I have people ask me if I have ever done a mentos and coke bloat. I might be interested in trying it but have no idea how to or which mentos to use. I have eaten the fruit ones in the past and I can't swallow huge pills whole and mentos are pretty big. So I guess my question is have you done it...
  5. Tracii

    Getting in and out of your car confessions.

    I love the feeling of having to stuff myself in my car. Getting out in front of people is a rush too because I literally have to squeeze my fat ass out between the steering wheel and the seat back. One thing I like is when I get in my SUV and try to get situated in the seat it rocks my entire...
  6. Tracii

    Feeling naughty

    Today has been a busy day at work and deadline after deadline having to be met. Clients in the office and on the phone all day.:doh: I need relief for real :) Sooo I have been thinking all day how nice it would be to get home get in my biggest PJs and just stuff myself all night to the point I...
  7. Tracii

    Omg !!!

    Made these tonight and OMG they are soo good. I used smoked gouda cheese instead of swiss. https://youtu.be/ZQU_VPbv_sU
  8. Tracii

    New experience

    Had a new experience today and totally unexpected. I was shopping with a friend today and while she was trying on clothes I went over sat on a padded bench because standing for long periods is not easy for me. Anyway 15 minutes later she came out and said OK lets go so I went to get up and...
  9. Tracii

    Great cooking show on you tube

    Check out Binging with Babish. He is funny and some of the food looks really good. I'm going to make this chili in the next few days. https://youtu.be/eQ9eY0_DoEk
  10. Tracii

    Cell phone covers

    Do you use your cell phone covers for anything else? Like hold bobby pins or extra hair ribbons? I have been known to keep weird things like guitar pics, hair ribbons, elastic hair ties etc. I may leave my purse in the car but always have my cell with me.
  11. Tracii

    Winter weight gain.

    I assume is pretty common among men and women on this site but maybe it isn't I was just curious. Do you gain or lose in the winter? I usually gain 10 to 15 lbs in the winter but this winter I have put on 20 or so already.
  12. Tracii

    Chico's sale ads

    I used to buy stuff there all the time and now I can't fit in anything they sell.LOL Really cute clothes too, so is there a plus size version of Chico's?
  13. Tracii

    Q about lower bellies.

    Seems silly of me to ask this question but do many ladies and gents find that attractive on a woman?. I usually gain weight in the butt,hips and thighs so this is kind of new to me. I have been 375 in the past but most of my weight was in the butt ,hips and thighs.My belly was just round and...
  14. Tracii

    Getting the urge again

    I have really been struggling with gaining urge again. I have started binging again and the feeling is just awesome afterwards. Kinda naughty and erotic as it was the last time I let go. Today I found myself out shopping looking for bigger clothes too which is something I haven't done in a while.
  15. Tracii

    Love scenes in movies

    Just saw Road House for the 100th time and the love scene is incredible. It never fails to get me worked up OMG I need a shower. Anyone have a fave movie love scene?
  16. Tracii


    What are your fave sim programs? I just got a new pc and would love to try a sim program. Of course one where you can make a person fatter seeing as my BF isn't willing.LOL
  17. Tracii

    Size diffs

    Was out shopping yesterday looking for some new clothes and found some really cute jeans. The problem is I have been wearing a size 28 for a while and they are getting tight so I figured I would try a 30 and wow they swallowed me whole waaaaay too big like 4 sizes too big.:mad: Tried a 3X and...
  18. Tracii

    Closer magazine

    Any of you UK people know much about this magazine? I was contacted by a journalist of theirs to do an article about being transgender and a feedee. I went to their website and thought why would this mag even do an article of this nature? Seems like there is a weight loss add on every page...
  19. Tracii

    A question I have

    Have any of you been approached by Closer magazine? I was this evening. Its a UK based women's magazine sort of like a people magazine. Hollywood type news,fashion etc. Just curious.
  20. Tracii

    Hope this is OK

    Going to a halloween party tonight as a BHM did I do OK? BHM for one night anyway.LOL:) My friend is a make up person so she does a great beard shadow. [/IMG]