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    Bragging Rights (Here There Be Images)

    For the record, I get to take this to bed every night...and he volunteered to let me post pictures. (Humoring me? Probably. Will I take it anyway? Hells yeah.) On to the pictures. Yep, that's my baby. Who allowed me to post (required me to post) his face, on the basis...
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    Greetings From Square One. (Mildly OT)

    Yep, I'm right back there. I'm willing to swear that my ana downswings and my boyfriend's diets do not coincide by accident at this point. (Actually, my theory is that as he's building up to a diet-attempt he's incredibly down on himself...often verbally. Which means I adopt the same...
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    I'm venting. Pass this on over...

    My boyfriend is on a diet. Again. Now, aesthetically I have no issue with him dieting--the whole "I'd love you no matter what" routine holds true. Maybe I'd be bummed, normally, but honestly the weight-loss part doesn't bother me. It's the diet itself that I can't live with. Not because...