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  1. coriander

    Do you hoard anything?

    I do, and I *can't* be the only one, can I? :D Here's my list of stuff I hold on to but really, really don't need: 1. Moisturizer/body lotion. I have more #&*$# body butters from the Body Shop than I know what to do with. 2. Cheap makeup that stays on for 20 minutes, if I'm lucky. Goddamn...
  2. coriander

    Waffle Irons!

    I love waffles! :D Here are some pretty sweet waffle irons I came across: http://www.1designperday.com/2010/11/30/10-creative-waffle-irons/ My favourite being the one that makes these penguin waffles:
  3. coriander

    What are you making?

    I tried to see if there was a thread on what people are currently making, or have made recently, or are planning on making, and I couldn't find one! (If there is, then I am sorry for being a lowly noob :p) So! What are you making/baking/cooking right now? What did you make recently? AND...