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  1. sockratezz

    Looking for a story about.....

    A secret club in NYC where the patrons can become temporarily super obese. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.
  2. sockratezz

    Looking for any more stories....

    I was wondering if any one knows anymore stories like "It's Just the Suit". That stories combines a few of my favorite things psedo-weight gain and fat suits. Anymore stories out there like that?
  3. sockratezz

    Anybody remember Puttin' on the Hits?

    I remember this lip sync show called Puttin' on the Hits that came on TV in the late 80's. The reason I bring it up because for some odd reason I remember this one act with this woman or man dressed as a SSBBW named Ms. Bozo Twaddle. That image has stuck with me all these years and got me...
  4. sockratezz

    Any padder's in here

    Just wondring are there any padder's in here
  5. sockratezz


    Maybe this is a weird question.Has anyone ever had a fatsuit on or had the desire to where a fatsuit?
  6. sockratezz

    Maybe I'm Strange

    Maybe I'm strange and, maybe this is not the forum for this, but I think i have a obssesion. I love padding and fatsuits. Don't get me wrong I love bbw's and ssbbw's too, It's just I love it when I see a normal sized actress supersized up. Am i a nut or what? Am I the only one?:confused: