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  1. CrankySpice


    Sleep is such an important part of our health. I have to confess that I used to take it for granted -- I always slept well. However, since January I've acquired a form of insomnia that keeps me from sleeping more than 4 hours at a time. No matter what I did (nap or not nap, stay up later...
  2. CrankySpice


    Okay, so I made a post about hummus in a different thread and decided that hummus surely deserves its own thread. So, let's talk hummus! Favorite brands or flavors, best dippers, recipes...you name it! I really like the Sabre brand, roasted pine nut flavor being my favorite. One thing I...
  3. CrankySpice

    The Ultimate Pizza Burger

    Man, I am SO tempted to try to make this. http://www.geekologie.com/2009/03/bacon_and_cheese_stuffed_pizza.php
  4. CrankySpice

    Looking for a licensed make-up artist to interview

    I figured this would be easier than trying to go through the myriad of posts on the fashion board. Like the subject line says, I'd like to interview a licensed make-up artist about concealers for an article I'm writing for a major fashion website. I can't mention the website name on the boards...
  5. CrankySpice

    New Study: Long-term weight loss may be harmful to health

    I came across this article on the National Institutes of Health informational website, MedlinePlus, while researching an unrelated article. Of course, I haven't heard a word about it in the news. :rolleyes: Here's the link: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/news/fullstory_103051.html and...
  6. CrankySpice


    Ah, nuts. And I'm not talking about nuts as anatomy or nuts as crazy, but just simply....NUTS! I just polished off a can of macadamia nuts that I bought a few days ago and am so sad they are gone. Texture wise, macadamias are my favorite, probably surpassed only by Brazil nuts. There's...
  7. CrankySpice

    NYT Article: For Obese People, Prejudice in Plain Sight

    Just saw this while perusing the NYT site. If it's been posted already, please feel free to merge/remove - I did a quick search for "New York Times" and did not see the article linked anywhere since publication date (March 15). http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/16/health/16essa.html?ref=health...
  8. CrankySpice


    So, after several posters mentioned making chili recently, I thought it was high time we started a chili thread. I've made so many different variations of chili, it's ridiculous. I've made chili with chicken, chili with moose meat, chili with peanut butter, chili with chocolate, chili with...
  9. CrankySpice

    Oh, Oatmeal!

    Inspired by the cereal thread, I thought it was high-time we had a thread devoted to oatmeal! Yum! :eat1: I love alllllll kinds of oatmeal, from the oddly flavored instant variety (Banana Nut Bread Oatmeal, anyone?) to hearty steel cut oats cooked just until they are chewy and tender. One...
  10. CrankySpice

    Cheesy Bacon Puffs - fast & tasty snack!

    Money is ridiculously tight for me right now, so I've been trying to find fast and filling snack foods I can make and keep on hand to feed my two never-not-hungry teens. Today I made these, which is a modified recipe I found on a thrifty living site. The best thing about these is that they...
  11. CrankySpice

    Fast & Easy Swedish Meatballs

    1 lb. Frozen Meatballs (NOT Italian style, just plain) 1 lb. Wide Egg Noodles 2 cups beef broth 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons flour 1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce couple shakes ground nutmeg ground pepper to taste 1 cup sour cream Boil water; prepare noodles per package...
  12. CrankySpice

    Tuna Poll!

    OK, so after a bad experience with the wrong kind of tuna (heads out of the gutters, people), AM and I got to wondering about people's personal canned tuna preferences. I'm going to stay away from the white/light issue and focus on how the tuna is packed. I'll refrain from my own opinions, but...
  13. CrankySpice

    packaging vs. real life

    We should totally do this here! http://izismile.com/2009/09/03/food_on_packaging_and_in_real_life_100_pics.html
  14. CrankySpice

    Wrong Numbers Gone Awry

    :::shameless self-promotion warning::: So, this weekend I had a crazy series of calls, which I wrote about: Bob & Julie: An Almost Love Story. Yes, this is shameless self-promotion of my written work, but honestly....I can't stop giggling about this. I think it was funnier than when I made...
  15. CrankySpice

    Asian cooking

    These past 6 months or so, I've really been into Asian cooking. Anyone else like cooking Asian? I've mostly done Thai & Indian, although a little bit of Chinese/American has snuck in (I made homemade Lo Mein tonight). Every week, I make at least one Thai curry & one Indian curry; at least once...
  16. CrankySpice

    Iron Foodee Challenge February - VOTE NOW!

    Vote now for your favorite Potato recipe! Poll will close Friday Feb 29 at Midnite, winner will be announced on Saturday March 1!!
  17. CrankySpice

    Iron Foodee Challenge for February 2008

    February's a short month, so let's get cracking on the challenge! The secret ingredient is.... POTATOES!!! Mash 'em or Hash 'em, Fry 'em, Boil 'em, Bake 'em, put them in a sock and beat the crap out of someone.....what can YOU do with POTATOES????
  18. CrankySpice

    The Frugal Foodee

    So, one of the ways I'm trying to kid myself that I'll be able to afford college for my kids is by cutting back on my food budget. It is, by far, one of my highest cost areas, and those costs can soar when you factor in take-out meals, morning coffee from the coffee shop, or restaurant meals...
  19. CrankySpice

    I am posting a MYSTERIOUS title...

    followed by a dire warning and an obscure link!!! http://www.reuters.com/article/ousiv/idUSHKG1320320080117 Be afraid!
  20. CrankySpice

    jessica london - how's the fit?

    You know, it occurs to me that we should have a "how's the fit?" thread for a lot of retailers, since it can vary sooo much. Having said that--how's the fit with JL? I look at the size charts, and it looks like I'm outsized for them--and they go to a 34! Are their size charts just way off...