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    Looking for a Story (tried search function)

    Nvm I found it: http://steve-aka.deviantart.com/art/Holly-Part-1-86445012
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    Looking for a Story (tried search function)

    I'm not positive that the story is on Dimensions, but the main character is a guy who runs a diner type of place and these two parents and their HUGE 18 y/oish daughter come in and she eats a ton, and is very spoiled and also kind of rude. There's a part where the main character is describing...
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    Sleeping Postion

    The episode's ridiculous. If a 300 lb woman killed you by lying on you, you were a pansy anyway! :rolleyes:
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    Bed Benders Inc.

    I am also interested in joining.
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    Dormfood - by Anonymous (SSBBW, SSBHM, Extreme Eating, ~XWG)

    The vast majority of women would still be mobile at 545 lbs and 5'6". Just some information.
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    Found something disturbing

    Ah, I didn't join the forum until quite a while after I had started browsing regularly. So do you remember the author or name?
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    Found something disturbing

    Do you remember the title and/or author of said story? I was so sure I had at least skimmed every story in the library, yet am sure I would have remembered this one.:confused:
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    Found something disturbing

    I'm pretty sure that it is a decision entirely based on ethics. I would be very surprised if any story were illegal to host, even if it went as far as to include rape and murder of young children.
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    Found something disturbing

    What was so bad about "Baby Fat"?
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    Official symbol for being an FA/FFA/Size Accepter???

    I'm not sure if a Cornucopia would give us the best image, though the idea is creative. I think we should actually do it this time, though.
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    Do Only Fat Girls Break Chairs???

    My 450 lb gf has never broken a chair either.
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    4th of July - by Runningman (SSBBW, Extreme Eating, Squashing)

    Well it does involve Independence Day.
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    Looking for a story

    You could manually save chapters... :( Too bad we can't contact the author(s).
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    Looking for a story

    Darn. Thanks! I hope someone saved it before it was deleted... :(
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    Alice 22 - by Mollycoddles (BBWs (Multiple),Intrigue, Lesbian Fantasy, SWG)

    Oh, I didn't realize this one was new, because his (?) website doesn't have it. I guess I'm really wondering if she's done with Amber.
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    Breaking Things

    Hi, all. I find it very erotic to think of chairs, beds, scales or the like breaking under a girl's weight. I also find clothes ripping open erotic. Have any of you actually broken anything with your weight, or had clothes rip open/buttons pop? Is there anyone else who is aroused by such...
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    Looking for a story

    I believe this story is from Writing.com, but if there's another story like this, I'd love to see it. Every time this one girl says something, she gains one pound for every word. There's a scene when she's in the bathroom and standing on a stool, and her sister asks her what's going on, and...
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    Heavy Debt Part 4 & 5 - by JP (SSBBW, Sci-Fi, Force-Feeding, ~XWG)

    When are you thinking it will be ready?