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    Squeezablysoft's Sweetly Spicy and Scrumptiously Saucy She Shed

    If your body wants to weigh 315 and you want to see if that weight feels good, EAT! Some of us enjoy being with round beauties.
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    What is your weight right now?

    339 and gaining.
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    BHM Joel's Revelation: a Tale in 10 Parts - by ffaboots (~BHM, ~FFA, ~XWG, ~Sex)

    What a beautiful love story! It is so much more fun than the rest. Maybe it's because my wife and I are the fattest couple we know. Thank you for all your hard work!
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    Weight and See Pt. 2!!! by Felt Tip (~BBW (Mult), Magic, ~SWG)

    Sign me up for part three! I have fallen in lust with this story.
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    The Munchies! - by Coyote Wild (~BHM, Flatulence, Immobility, ~XWG)

    I love these stories! Wish I could find munchies fattening me!
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    GC: Afternoon at the Mall 10 - by Matt L. (~BBW (Mult), Magic, Transformation, ~SWG)

    I have enjoyed all the stories in this series! I know of more than one who could benefit from Libby's attention. You take me right to the mall with her! Thanks for all your hard work.
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    Show off your swimsuit. :)

    I prefer to think that you are the beautiful one. You are right to save that suit for special occasions, it is gorgeous on you!
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    Show off your swimsuit. :)

    Rowan, You are very special. I'll leave the gate unlocked so you may swim in my pool anytime!
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    Feedee's Revenge - by Anonymous (~BBW/BHM, Romance, Hypnotism, Eating, ~XWG)

    Wilson, I was an avid fan of your stories in BUF. I know for a fact that the hetero version is the original.
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    Claire Gets Cursed - by Ruin (~BBW, Magic, ~SWG)

    I like the way this started. I'm going to love watching the story develop.
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    Foods you love but cant find where you live

    What about Fish and Chips made from plaic and wrapped in newspaper? Or an A&W Papa burger, or fresh lobster from the local lobsterman?
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    BMI - What's Yours?

    45.3 I need to eat more!:D
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    "I'm a BBW and I like BHM, why is that such a bad thing Thread"

    When I met my wife she was a BBW and I was an FA. Two years into our relationship we had an honest discussion about weight. We admitted to each other we preferred to be fatter then we were then. A year later I was a BHM dating an SSBBW. Thirty years later I am still married to my SSBBW and I...
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    Art software question

    If you want to do it the easy way, dig deep into your pockets. The full version of Photoshop will do it.