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    BHM The New Assistant (BHM, FFA, XWG)

    The New Assistant by uno Chapter 1 Today was a new day for Nicole Thorne. A new town, a new job and a new beginning for herself. Even if it wasn’t all on her own accord. Nicole has some … habits that necessitated a completely fresh start. She moved practically overnight, changed her...
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    Sideshow Attraction

    Part 1 “I can’t believe you talked me into this. You know I have work in the morning.” Shane sighed with frustrations. to Mya. His friend had done what she always does in getting him to step out of his rigid, scheduled comfort zone. This time it meant taking a trip to the...
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    Can't find The New Hire

    I'm looking for The New Hire by JMJ but can't seem to find it. Any help would be great.
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    BHM Unlocking a Better You - by Uno (~BHM, ~XWG, Eating))

    ~BHM, ~XWG, Eating. ~XWG The first part of my first story. Feedback is appreciated. Unlocking A Better You by Uno “Unlocking a better you.” I say the title of the pamphlet, to myself, that was left on my car’s windshield and can’t believe I even entertained the notion of one of...