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    Looking for a specific bhm/ffa story

    omg THANK YOU CLANDY!!!! This is the story I was looking for, I particularly like the main character's narration too :)
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    Looking for a specific bhm/ffa story

    Hello, I read a bhm/ffa story online a while ago and I've since been trying to re-find it. I've had no luck finding it and it's been driving me crazy haha This is all can remember about it: Young guy graduates high school in the U.S. and moves with his sister to their family's home (I can't...
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    Self-loathing because of your (*air quotes*) fetish?

    That’s a really good distinction Magodamilion, thanks! It upset me when people would look at my dating history and conclude “she’s got a fetish for fat guys” which makes it seem as though this is something I do serially purely fueled by sexual desire, when in actuality this is the person I love...
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    Self-loathing because of your (*air quotes*) fetish?

    Thanks Archetypus! <3 You&#8217;re absolutely right, and this is helping me think things out a lil bit I guess the questions to ask are: would this person still be with me if I gained/lost weight? If I was really sick? Hurt? And if the answer is no then it&#8217;s a purely physical...
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    Self-loathing because of your (*air quotes*) fetish?

    Ooookay so, I’m very good at guilt-tripping myself so much so that it stymies a lot of my romantic life. When I was a tween and younger teen it seemed like there ware a number of articles in magazines and newspapers popping up about people who found fat sexually attractive. They were entirely...
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    BHM The Dancer and The Detective - by Rellis10 (~BHM, ~FFA)

    I'm kinda on a dims story-reading tear.. This story is so noir-y and atmospheric! <3 Commenting in hopes that OP may continue...
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    BHM To Tame a Thief by Xyantha ~BHM ~Romance

    Omg thank you!!!!! Ritcha and Tal's romance has made me so happy :D <3
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    BHM To Tame a Thief by Xyantha ~BHM ~Romance

    This story seriously gets my heart racing omg :O <3 Your characters are so wonderful <3
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    BHM That Befall Preposterously (~FFA, ~BHM, Romance, ~~WG, multi-part)

    I'm really in love with this story, tbh <3
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    BHM The Gardener (~BHM, ~FFA, Romance, ~~WG)

    This is totally lovely!! ^^ <3 <3
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    BHM To Tame a Thief by Xyantha ~BHM ~Romance

    Omfggg nooo! Such a sweet story can't end like this, more please??
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    BHM Negativity by Xyantha ~BHM, ~FFA

    Ahhh this story is so good! :D (also I may have gotten some secondhand therapy from this thank you!?!)
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    The Music Thread

    Carry out - Justin Timberlake. Overt feedism in mainstream hiphop? Um yes!! Also, I somehow associate these with how it feels to be a ffa Flight Facilities - Crave you Morgan Page - Body work
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    BHM The Main Line - by Ashblonde (~BHM, ~FFA, Romance)

    Your characters are so real! (and therefore complicated lol) Omg what happens next :O Fingers crossed for happy ending eventually??
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    BHM Xander - by Undine (~BHM, Intrigue, ~~WG)

    Thanks so much for this story, it's wonderful!! Xander is so adorably thick-headed when it some to Cee >.< Ahhhh I really hope Ken managed to kill that demon, so chilling
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