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    Revisiting ... the FFA guilt issue

    Wow, I come back and a guilt thread is up. I used to write about this quite a lot around here. I used to feel guilty, but now I don't. I credit being able to work through all of that as the reason I eventually found a wonderful man, who I have been with for 5 years now. I would say that for...
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    RIP Surlysomething

    I rarely come to this site anymore, but for some reason I decided to drop in.....and then I see this. This is devastating. When I first joined and was an active poster here, Surlysomething was one of the mainstays of the board. I never had the honor of meeting her in real life, but she was a big...
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    First Time Dating FFA...

    Did it ever occur to you that if she's an FFA, she may very well have thought the exact same thing about you when she saw your picture? I cannot stress this enough, this "out of my league" thing is utterly ridiculous. The BHM here confuse this a lot, in my opinion. All that matters is what she...
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    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    You are always the voice of reason. I second your suggestion. :bow:
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    What are you happy about today?

    So you stab yourself too? Suddenly, I don't feel so special.....:(
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    Happy Birthday Surly!

    I hope you have a very happy birthday!:)
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    Button Popping

    Sorry for the double post. Just saw this. Yeah, that's why I said context is everything. Having a guy put on an old shirt that doesn't fit in the privacy of your own home is one thing......actually having him lose buttons in public.... totally different situation.
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    Button Popping

    But most of the BHM only want input from FFAs and they feel they don't get that on the Weight Board. Personally, I agree with you, but I think that's why these threads always end up here. Now shut up and post some more pictures of the blown out crotch of your pants. Geez! Why do I have to keep...
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    How to tell my girlfriend about me being a FA?

    I actually think these are two very separate issues. I think those of us who are wg fetishists really need to be honest with ourselves that the "reward of acceptance" is pretty much never going to happen unless you have found a partner who is already interested in gaining. This is not aimed at...
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    Interesting thing happened

    Actually Tina, I'm not going anywhere with this. Personally, I'm not one who is big into banning. I was merely pointing out that it's a fine line to tread when a person wants to shape every single discussion and have a member's posts all come with what amounts to a warning label. I stated in my...
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    Interesting thing happened

    OK, fine, no one said banning. But you're basically saying that because she created ugliness in the past every thread she creates is somehow invalid. That's exactly the reason so many others call for your banning, so I found your stance interesting.
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    Interesting thing happened

    So are you saying that people who create ugliness on the boards should be banned? That people who upset other posters and make people feel as if they constantly don't get it and derail threads with their own agenda should be banned?
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    Button Popping

    ........Damn it Melian! Every time I decide to post about my panty puddles you foil me!!!!!! Actually, I'm a fan of popping buttons, although it depends on the situation. I'm a wg fetishist, though, so all clothing ripping, etc shows off a gain and turns me on. On the other hand, I would not...
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    Interesting thing happened

    Admittedly, I'm almost never here anymore, so I'm not familiar with MissAshley's entire posting history, but I did see her say her boyfriend was a BHM once. I also understand that we were once used as a sociology experiment by someone who later caused a lot of problems and so I get why people...
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    What did you say to me?!

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    What did you say to me?!

    This better not lead to anyone discovering my secret identity.:p
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    FA Myths Thread #11

    I'm not trying to jump on your case, at all, I'm not. I realize each individual's experience may vary, but the above is a really unfair characterization of fat admirers. I'm one of the female FAs and I know a lot of the fat admirers from here, male and female, fat and thin and I'll tell you...
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    Do you get annoyed when your partner can't do something because they are fat?

    I hate to see someone who's unaware of the difference between whose and who's actually write publicly. Just a pet peeve of my own, as I'm a professional writer. ;) How the hell do you know that being fat is the person's only issue? You could be fat AND have a heart condition that is...
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    FA Myths Thread #11

    This is interesting. I wonder what the percentages would be if someone studied it? Although, I'm not any of those things and I'm an FFA, but I have two male FA in my family and one definitely is a very technical/computer genius type. I'll get in even more trouble than you and theorize further.:p...
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    Extreme Makeover WL!!!

    I've asked it before, and I'll ask it again, what the hell is wrong with you? This offends me on so many levels, I can't even begin to express my feelings and for me, that's rare.
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