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  1. Wilson Barbers

    Freaky Friday

    My "Body Switch" played with this premise, though not completely in the way that you describe.
  2. Wilson Barbers

    New Fat Magic Story

    I've had other writers do something like this in the past (most notably with a story of mine that was rewritten to make all the main characters gay) - as long as the original source gets credited, I've got no problems with it.
  3. Wilson Barbers

    New Fat Magic Story

    It's not that I don't care for ideas from readers, more that these days I barely have time to properly work on all my own ideas . . .
  4. Wilson Barbers

    New Fat Magic Story

    A new "Fat Magic" story has been posted on the FM page: it's a story of magickal gain featuring the return of Neldra Cambry, the mega-sized sorceress supreme. As always, comments are welcome: "Astral Thief II".
  5. Wilson Barbers

    People copying my stories >_<

    Actually, I had this happen to a story of mine that originally debuted in print. A fantasy of mine that appeared in a 1990 issue of BUF ("Feeder and the Demoness") got rewritten with the sex of one character changed for a gay gainer site. I wrote the site's webmaster at the time, asking him to...
  6. Wilson Barbers

    Midnight Snack

    Wasn't me that did it (though I know the writer who chose that nom-du-plume).
  7. Wilson Barbers

    Midnight Snack

    "Midnight Snack" was an adaptation of a story that originally appeared in the print Dimensions credited to the pseudonymous "Willie Prader." It appeared as a comic in the second issue of an 80's era alt comic entitled Renegade Romance. I've seen it for sale pretty cheap on eBay (e.g., the first...
  8. Wilson Barbers

    Pigs Is Pigs

    I also included a "Pigs Is Pigs" homage as a part of my 1998 story "Dreams". Clearly, that 'toon had an impact on many a budding FA.
  9. Wilson Barbers

    Stories where EVERYONE gains

    That's R.B. Lawrence's "The Blimping of Earth"(here) which originally appeared in the glory days of BUF back when Bob and yours truly were just about the only two actively writing fanta-sizers out there . . .
  10. Wilson Barbers

    Any W to BHM stories?

    "Man, Woman Buffet," of course, can be found here.
  11. Wilson Barbers

    I Dreamed of Banquets – by Madeline Maple (~SSBBW, ~XWG, feeding, imagery)

    An impressive and believable character study - wonderfully written.
  12. Wilson Barbers

    Devil's Bargain (Skinny to XXBBW, XXWG)

    I can see the influence - nicely done.
  13. Wilson Barbers

    New "Fat Magic" Story

    Thanx for the thumbs up!
  14. Wilson Barbers

    New "Fat Magic" Story

    A new "Fat Magic" story of magical gain has been posted. It can be found at: "The Therapy Session." Comments, as per usual, are welcome.
  15. Wilson Barbers

    E.L. Productions

    I'm thinking the second WG story might've been based on one of mine: "A Thousand Words." It originally appeared in E.L. Publications' Giantess as a prose tale.
  16. Wilson Barbers

    New Fat Magic Story

    I don't think that's a factor since the fantasy and s-f genres in which these tales so often are set give me the capacity to make many of my mega-heroines still capable and successful within their worlds: Rachel with her doppelgangers in the Lew Baird stories, the telekinetic "maxfed" heroine...
  17. Wilson Barbers

    New Fat Magic Story

    Hadn't really noticed until you pointed this out, but looking back, I see the last tales to explicitly describe a real mega-sized gain were 2004's "Thoughtful" and Lew Baird's 2008 "Rachel's Tale." This wasn't exactly a conscious move on my part, just me going where the stories tell me. In...
  18. Wilson Barbers

    New Fat Magic Story

    For the holidays, a new Fat Magic story has been posted: a tale of magickal weight gain. If this is your cuppa, check out "The Bookstore." As always, comments are welcome.
  19. Wilson Barbers

    Looking for a simple love story

    Of course, there's the romantic serial novel (as originally seen on this here site), "Measure by Measure", which included more than one FA/BBW romance.
  20. Wilson Barbers

    What was that one story?

    T'wasn't me, though I seem to recall reading something like it, too.
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