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  1. fatgirl33

    A new day by Gignv (M-to-BBW, ~~WG, LGBT)

    Loved this continuation, and am hungry for more! I hope you get back to it, gignv. We do appreciate your creativity!
  2. fatgirl33

    Stuck Pinups

    Love your work here! Well done! Brenda
  3. fatgirl33

    Rest in Peace Madeline Grace

    I have some very sad news to share, that I was shocked to see. Madeline (Maddy) Grace was killed in a car accident at the start of the month. She was a Big Hot Bombshells web model in the past, and was active on You Tube and in the Burlesque community on the West Coast, sometimes performing as...
  4. fatgirl33

    BHM The Loaner (SSBHM, XWG)

    I appreciate your bumping this, as this story truly is a classic and it would be a shame if it didn't get the maximum exposure it deserves. Lovely work! Brenda
  5. fatgirl33

    Looking for Male to Female transformation stories

    Hey everyone, can anyone recommend any good Male to Female transformation stories? Particularly where the transformation involves a character becoming a SSBBW? I read one about a year ago that really intrigued and inspired me, but I can't even recall what site it was on! But now I am...
  6. fatgirl33

    The Fall of Madame Bigger (~SSBBW, ~SSBHM, ~XWG, ~FFA, ~GAS)

    Great ending - love the cameo by the Munchies, so cute! ;) Another fantastic piece of writing sir, thank you! Brenda
  7. fatgirl33

    Chubby female comic book character

    Can't wait to see a trade paperback for this comic! Looks great!
  8. fatgirl33

    Ruby Ripples has passed away.

    Very sad, if it is true... Dimensions says she hasn't been on in a few months, and I hope she will reply to this post to set us all straight. Ruby is such a sweet lady, very supportive and positive. Brenda
  9. fatgirl33

    Feedism Podcast...

    Sorry, no talent to offer, but I would love to hear what you do as a podcast! Have you thought about using material that has been made available to the public domain? Brenda
  10. fatgirl33

    RIP SGirl23

    Really sorry to hear this... haven't heard from her for a few years, and this comes as a bit of a shock. We emailed back and forth some time ago, and she was a very sweet, generous person. Very sad news. Brenda
  11. fatgirl33

    Bellevue Tower {~XWG, ~SSBHM, ~BBW, ~GAS, ~IMMOBILITY}

    Yay! A new Coyote Wild story, and wonderfully written as always! Thanks for sharing it! Brenda
  12. fatgirl33

    Plus Size (5X) Pig or Cow costumes?

    Thank you for the suggestion, I will certainly take a look. I kind of figured I would have to do some mods to anything I found at any rate! Thanks, Brenda
  13. fatgirl33

    Paranoia's Tales 005 - Ice cream (XWG, Horror-Fantasy, Lactation)

    Loved it! Great work, wonderful descriptions & very well paced for a nice, short read. Well done! Brenda
  14. fatgirl33

    Plus Size (5X) Pig or Cow costumes?

    I am looking for cute onesie-type pig & cow costumes. I see all kinds that go from S to XL, but I don't see any real plus-sized ones. Specifically I need to find them in 4X or preferably 5X sizes. Does anyone have any suggestions, or should I just get out the sewing machine? :p Thanks, Brenda
  15. fatgirl33

    When/how did you notice, "Wow, I got fat?!"

    Being too heavy for your doctor's office scale... :eek:
  16. fatgirl33

    New Ponderous Woman comic - Revenge of the Fat Fomenter

    Thanks for all of the support, folks! It really is very much appreciated. I have been a "member" of deviantart for years, just so I could look at other artisit's work. I am thinking of posting some of my drawings there, particularly stuff that isn't related to the comic book. Your...
  17. fatgirl33

    New Ponderous Woman comic - Revenge of the Fat Fomenter

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to post a quick note to let you know that I am back doing online comics again. After a bit of a hiatus this year due to work, family, and other real-life things, I am continuing the comic I started last year, Revenge of the Fat Fomenter. It dips back into the...
  18. fatgirl33

    10 Years

    Wow, you're right! The reboot was such a massive change back then. And the print magazine was still active, too, I believe. Cheers to everyone who remembers the shift, and Long Live Dimensions! Brenda
  19. fatgirl33

    A new day by Gignv (M-to-BBW, ~~WG, LGBT)

    Just re-read this story and am HUNGRY for a continuation! Pleasepleaseplease! Brenda
  20. fatgirl33

    When/how did you notice, "Wow, I got fat?!"

    This happens to me a lot. I assume I am one size, then see photographic evidence of myself compared with others around me and - WOW! I'm fat! :P Brenda
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