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  1. Britt Reid

    New crop of stories for adoption

    Ye Public Notice 6/9/2014 At the request of one of our authors, four very popular but old stories have been transferred to the Discard Archive for possible adoption and continuation. Hopefully these tales will find new life among our muses!
  2. Britt Reid

    Michelle's Rite of Passage - by November (~BBW. Eating, Imagery,Romance, ~SWG)

    ~BBW. Eating, Imagery,Romance, ~SWG - blind faith in metabolism trips up a girl of unusual appetite Michelle's Rite of Passage by November Chapter 1 - Introduction Michelle Lawson always said to herself that her best friend was her reflection. It was perfect. She was perfect...
  3. Britt Reid

    The Evolution of Daniele James by Smithsonius (~BBW, Imagery, ~MWG)

    ~BBW, Imagery, ~MWG - a series of flashbacks documents one BBWs transition The Evolution of Danielle James By Smithsonius 31st December 2011. Danielle looked at the reflection in the mirror in a combination of shock, fear, excitement and arousal, all at once. She had become aware some...
  4. Britt Reid

    Kim - by Bob Bobson and Seyta (~BBW (Mult) Imagery, ~SWG )

    ~BBW (Mult) Imagery, ~SWG – a rich and bit spoiled would be prom queen gets indulgently distracted from her goal Editor’s Note: this is a story which took three websites and two authors to complete. Along the way one of the author’s disappeared and a novice wrote the...
  5. Britt Reid

    Lunch - by J D Kell (~BBW/Anorexic, Dialogue )

    ~BBW/Anorexic, Dialogue - A fat girl tries to connect with a childhood friend caught in a tragic nightmare Lunch by J D Kell Chapter One “Is that all you're having?” Leslie asked after Jessica ordered a dinner salad: no cheese, no croutons, no dressing and a Diet Coke. “I’m not...
  6. Britt Reid

    The Correction - by Matt L. (~BBW, Magic, ~MWG)

    ~BBW, Magic, ~MWG - Neala gives a customer more than she ever intended The Correction by Matt L (Adapted from Short Story Anthology, Vol 2) Andrea Sparten was a glamorous babe who had high standards that caused her to be very seletive regarding others. In brief, she was a condescending...
  7. Britt Reid

    Scale of Justice - by Matt L (~BBW, Imagery, ~MWG)

    ~BBW, Imagery, ~MWG - a vain teen encounters a transformation Scale of Justice By Matt L. (Adapted from Short Stories Anthology, Vol 2) Olivia Marquette was quite bored. Invited to her cousin’s sleep over, she had very little in common with the other girls. 18-year old Olivia was a...
  8. Britt Reid

    Joining the Club by Matt L. (~BBW, Magic, Eating, ~MWG)

    ~BBW, Magic, Eating, ~MWG - look out for dissing one of Neala's understudies! Joining the Club by Matt L (An AR tale from Short Stories Anthology, vol 2) Deana stood and watched as her three co-workers conversed over a box of donuts, eating like no body's business. Deana grinned in...
  9. Britt Reid

    Southern Weight - by FANedFox - (~BBW, Eating, Romance, ~MWG)

    ~BBW, Eating, Romance, ~MWG - Ashley moves to Parkins, LA and starts enjoying a new life. Southern Weight By FANedox [Editor's note: adapted from a former version to accommodate age rules and resolve some realism issues - a bit longer tale in a different setting by one of our veteran writers.]...
  10. Britt Reid

    Home for the Holidays - by ~Onion 88 (~BBW (multiple), Imagery, Stuffing, ~MWG)

    ~BBW (multiple), Imagery, Stuffing, ~MWG – two sisters come home from their careers to big surprises Home For The Holidays (with a cameo from the girls in Mall Rats) by ~Onion88 (whose Deviant Arts page may be found here) Chapter One - the flight "Final call for flight 248...
  11. Britt Reid

    Mall Rats by Onion 88 (~BBW (Multiple) - Imagery, Stuffing, ~SWG )

    ~BBW (Multiple) - Imagery, Stuffing, ~SWG - Tubby teen trio has a great outing Mall Rats by Onion88 (whose Deviant Arts page may be found here "*Schhhhluuuuurrrrrrpppp!*" "Heather? Is that you?" crackled the electronic voice from the silver intercom. "*Gulp*...Ahhh!
  12. Britt Reid

    Nicole Flies on Her Own by Awesss (~BBW, Stuffing, Romance, ~MWG)

    ~BBW, Stuffing, Romance, ~MWG – emancipated stuffette escapes emaciation her way Nicole Flies on Her Own by Awesss, whose Deviant Arts page is found here Chapter One Nicole wasn't average, in terms of looks. She was drop-dead gorgeous. She was pale, and never bothered...
  13. Britt Reid

    Thanksgiving Day Bulge - by Jake JMJ) ~BBW (Multiple) Eating fantasy, ~XWG

    ~BBW (Multiple) Eating fantasy, ~XWG – wishing upon a star produces an explosion [Ed note - by fan request, a recovered oldie from the wayback machine] Thanksgiving Day Bulge by Jake (JMJ) Allison hated her sister Melinda. Both girls had recently come home from college, and...
  14. Britt Reid

    Teasing - by snr6424 (~BBW, Eating, Romance, ~MWG )

    ~BBW, Eating, Romance, ~MWG - two high school acquaitances meet up five years later Teasing by snr6424 (adapted from the original and merged by permission with a story from the Dimensions Discard Room archive) Chapter One – Renewing an old acquaintance I looked at her from across the...
  15. Britt Reid

    Backfired - by Snr6424 (~BBW(mult), Feeding, Lesbian sex, MWG)

    ~BBW(mult), Feeding, Lesbian sex, MWG – Jenna finally has a chance to live out her fantasy with a hot former classmate...but the ending surprises her Backfired by snr6424 (reposted by permission from Fantasy Feeder) Chapter One - Jenna's Project I walked into Big Tom's Electronic...
  16. Britt Reid

    Acceptance - by SMP (~BBW Introspection, Sexual Fantasy, ~MWG )

    ~BBW Introspection, Sexual Fantasy, ~MWG – a growing young lady comes to know and love her natural self Acceptance (Formatted and edited by permission from the FF original] By SMP Chapter 1 – Entering a new world Chelsea stepped out of the shower and grabbed the towel...
  17. Britt Reid

    Shannon's Odyssey - by Severino (~BBW, Eating, Love, ~MWG )

    ~BBW, Eating, Love, ~MWG - a former chubette finds out her new loving husband likes all he can get of her Shannon’s Odyssey By Severino Chapter One – prologue Happily married before 30 was the goal Shannon had set herself four years earlier. And here she was now, two years ahead...
  18. Britt Reid

    A Thing of Beauty - by Bellyguy1951 (~BBW, Imagery, Revenge, ~MWG)

    ~BBW, Imagery, Revenge, ~MWG ~ Jayme becomes all she can be, and more A Thing of Beauty By Bellyguy1951 Jayme Finley might almost have been described as the perfect woman. She was tall, very tall. So tall she said she was 5' 12 " instead of six feet. She weighed 125 pounds, thin to be...
  19. Britt Reid

    2006 Notebook - by Forum Posters (BBW (Multiple), Eating, Imagery)

    BBW (Multiple), Eating, Imagery – guys with gaining girl friends and gaining girls themselves swap thoughts 2006 Notebook By Forum Posters Here, from an old hard drive, is a series of posts from an uncredited website about 6 years ago. Chuck Feb 17, 06 - 12:31 AM Plump Honey...
  20. Britt Reid

    Mcdonalds Girl - by Kissy the Amazon ~(BBW, Explicit Lesbian Sex, ~SWG)

    ~BBW, Explicit Lesbian Sex, ~SWG – sometimes chance meetings lead to unexpected new things Mcdonalds Girl by Kissy the Amazon Chapter One – First Contact She was dressed in all black except for her pink ball cap when we first met, but that’s getting ahead of the...
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