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  1. 4honor

    Help me pick a dress for Senior Ball! :D

    he was hesitant about the pink one because it is a hard color to coordinate to for a guy. Maybe work at it from his angle and wear the pink one anyway... maybe for him...a white cumberbund with baby pink stripes? Huge Hot pink polkadots? light pink bow tie and a tapestried vest in a...
  2. 4honor

    Bargains Bargains Bargains

    I found the perfect suit to wear to a job interview tomorrow. It is pumpkin colored with dark choclolate colored pants. It is a microfiber and way soft. I got it a Catherines on the clearance rack for $39.99 (marked down from $79.00). It is THE perfect color on me. I will put it on and post a...
  3. 4honor

    Let's see a show of hands

    I am broke, but a 2 income household with no income for 4 months can do that. I did, however make alot of gifts (jewelry is always welcome among the females in my family) and my mother drummed into my head from early on that Christmas shopping starts the day before Christmas the year before and...
  4. 4honor

    Free Association

    He was scrubbed and buffed and put proudly on display.
  5. 4honor

    Your favourite dress from the Movies...?

    The yellow dress Cyd Cherise wore in Brigadoon. The one she wears to her sisters wedding is NICE too. I love full skirts and cinched waists. I love styles from the 40's and 50's and I collect patterns from that time period. I sometimes remake the little bitty patterns into something I can...
  6. 4honor

    guy clothes for my son

    The jeans, unfortunately cannot help with. But the shirts, I find all the time on the clearance racks at Kmart, and sometimes Target or Walmart. I watch for shirts because my brother in law is a big guy and constantly in need of clothing that fits properly - and has no holes. Makes for a few...
  7. 4honor

    Womanly Question

    Well, I use a natural herb found in the spice aisle of any grocery store. It is called Marjoram. It is a natural diuretic and is not bad as a food additive either. It is especially good in soups, stews and with chicken or fish, though I like it with beef too. 1/2 tsp in a pot of stew (about 6...
  8. 4honor

    The Game of WHY...

    A: Because it takes a well lived in look to truly clothe a home Q: Why do children ask purple questions?
  9. 4honor

    Project Runway--who are my peeps? the dress is on a regular runway, not the PR one. Looks alot like fashion weeks' catwalk.
  10. 4honor

    Polka Dot dress - for Rainy

    I thought the dress was way cute, BUT the sheer number of dots gave me vertigo when I scrolled down the page. It would also look way cute with white gauzy sleeves (sorta 1970's retro look to it). The other one I think might be nice on someone else, but fuschia/bright pink does awful things to...
  11. 4honor

    Project Runway--who are my peeps?

    I think Michael, much as I love his other work, bombed on that dress. He was just way off his game. The dress Jeffrey did was way off his usual game as well. BUT, it was provacative in that it provoked the judges. Uli hit this one out of the park -- she stretched herself and was really...
  12. 4honor

    Leopard Print Dress?

    I was toodling around in my friendly neighborhood fabric store (my idea of girls night out) and I could NOT get the idea of a baby-doll leopard print dress out of my head. So I bought the patterns for a baby doll type top (McCall's M5116 - I am thinking view E) that could easily be made into a...
  13. 4honor

    The Game of WHY...

    A: Generally nothing unless you are anna nichol smith Q: Why do I keep getting flamed on other websites for bringing up controversial subjects?
  14. 4honor

    Project Runway--who are my peeps?

    BUt Jeffrey's model absolutely sold that little yellow number. She looked like she FELT sexy in it. So you believed it was better than it was. It was good/OK, but not fabulous until his model strutted it down the runway. I loved Kane's dress, but they showed it so quick that you couldn't...
  15. 4honor

    Project Runway--who are my peeps?

    Never! I would never fight with a fellow jewelry maker. I did cheer when Vincent went. What was that mess he sent down the runway? ala 1950's barco-lounger? I was embarrased for Michael and for Laura - they have too much talent for what happened by them and to them.
  16. 4honor

    Project Runway--who are my peeps?

    I didn't say I liked Jeffrey. I said I wished Laura would get off her high horse and quit poking her nose where it wasn't her business. How many of "other people's" disagreements does she have to insert herself into? Jeffrey is caustic. He reminds me of glass etching stuff. You put it...
  17. 4honor

    Project Runway--who are my peeps?

    I'm sorry. I HAD to sing Ding dong the witch is dead. She HAD to go. One good outfit in all that time, we knew she wasn't going to win. And if Laura plays "angry mommy" to Jeffrey's tortured artist's torture of anyone again I will have to b!tch slap her .. preggers or not. Stay the...
  18. 4honor

    Project Runway--who are my peeps?

    He said something to the effect of Michael's mother not being slim, "but she was Absolutely beautiful", and another time he used the word "Gorgeous" for her. Then to find out he is an ex chunky guy was too cute. He seemed to be the only one who "got" the everyday woman thing and was not upset...
  19. 4honor

    Help desperately needed for one of our own!

    I am the sole owner of a jewelry business. I have donated to Lexi via company check (since paypal takes a part of the $$ you send) and am challenging every business owner on the boards to make SOME contribution to this worthy cause.
  20. 4honor

    Project Runway--who are my peeps?

    Allison leaving was so out of left field. Glad to See Robert stepped up. I do not fault Laura's execution, but this is a show about FASHION and not all good fashion is classy. I like Laura's designs so far, but I think they are limited and on this last challenge flopped on the "innovation"...
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