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  1. 4honor

    Bargains Bargains Bargains

    I found the perfect suit to wear to a job interview tomorrow. It is pumpkin colored with dark choclolate colored pants. It is a microfiber and way soft. I got it a Catherines on the clearance rack for $39.99 (marked down from $79.00). It is THE perfect color on me. I will put it on and post a...
  2. 4honor

    I love it when a plan comes together

    I was in Catherines on Saturday looking for something that fit properly and could be worn to work or church. I found a sherbert orange linen outfit (3 pc pant suit) with embroidery in chocolate brown and an aqua gored skirt and coordinating jacket (kinda Jackie O-esque with 3/4 sleeves)... ALL...
  3. 4honor

    Having SA problems interfering with doing the right thing

    I am not in a good place about my size. I am only a size 28 but I really FEEL that I look like a sausage in all my clothes - no matter how I really fit in them. It is not usually a problem, but has become so, because I am likely to be doing an interview on TV in the next month or two and I am...
  4. 4honor

    New Game! Fortune Cookie

    I love word games. They exercise the mind. How about a new game? I guess I'll start. You must make up a fortune - similar to the ones you get in a fortune cookie -- for the next poster. Try to remain creative. On another note, my family has for years added (aloud) the words "in bed" to the...
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