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  1. cherrygarcia

    Theoretical vs Practical (Hands On) Appreciation of the Bigger Body

    Oh my god, are you me?? No but really, that was something I never appreciated before I actually had real world fat guy experience, because it just wasn't on the radar. But oh man. Another thing was, I'd always been one of those people who didn't get the whole "cute butt" thing until glory glory...
  2. cherrygarcia

    The comic book (Jesus Christ Marie, they're graphic novels) thread

    There's nothing wrong with loving the classics! So with you. I've never gotten around to reading any Harley Quinn books, though I've always been curious. How are you finding it so far?
  3. cherrygarcia

    Pet peeves/dislikes

    Oh girl, I hear you.
  4. cherrygarcia

    sun-dresses for pear shapes?

    I'd just like to point out that this website: has a great selection; my sister and I have both gotten dresses there. We're both fat ladies with way different figures and different taste in clothes. edit: the dresses are already sorted into...
  5. cherrygarcia

    shirtless scenes?

    Though one supposes it's not exactly mysterious why there aren't a whole lot of shirtless scenes for big men in tv and film... it is a crying shame. Which makes the few gems even more precious. Like seeing a double rainbow. So bright, so beautiful. Since I didn't find a thread like this, I...
  6. cherrygarcia

    Any way you want it

    oh jeez... I'll have to go proofread! I usually just write for myself, and then forget about it. I'm generally kinda reserved about stuff I write, but I've been trying to be more open. needless to say, I haven't really shared stories about the kind of thing People Like Us are into, except...
  7. cherrygarcia

    Any way you want it

    /whispers/ I might be writing a very long story involving a SSBHM with a BBW/FFA and a sort of 'forbidden love' type of situation, but I never thought about sharing it... :blush:
  8. cherrygarcia

    Please tell me FFA's like fat thighs

    pardon me for digging up old threads, but OMFG yes, fat thighs. I love when a man is thick all over; big thighs especially are sexy. there's just something so sensually appealing about it, can't say just why but MMMF. beautiful.:wubu:
  9. cherrygarcia

    What attracts you to a larger man?

    Inevitably I'm going to echo some of my ffa sisters here, but it's definitely a tactile thing. Not just beautiful to look at, but inviting. Who could argue that fat people are the best at hugging?? We just are. We're MADE for hugs. So yeah, cuddliness. We see a big guy and we go all grabby...
  10. cherrygarcia

    Fictional BHMs

    Coop from Megas XLR. he had some really great moments for the ffas in the audience. anyone who remembers the show will know what I mean.
  11. cherrygarcia

    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    hey everyone. taken ffa, used to be on these boards a million years ago. came back because it's always nice to have a safe space to gush.
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