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  1. Vader7476

    Partners in Crime - by Vader7476 (~BBW, ~BHM, Both, ~~WG, ~Sex, Feeding)

    So happy you think so MC! :wubu: I don't know if I did them justice, but I tried my hardest! Me too! I think it came out rather well for a one-shot.
  2. Vader7476

    Partners in Crime - by Vader7476 (~BBW, ~BHM, Both, ~~WG, ~Sex, Feeding)

    Oh boy, I love comments like this. Thank you so much, really happy you like it! :D
  3. Vader7476

    Partners in Crime - by Vader7476 (~BBW, ~BHM, Both, ~~WG, ~Sex, Feeding)

    I know what you mean. I had to fight the temptation on adding them in, I think it would have made the story too long and ruined the pacing. I may have something in the works with them making a cameo though. Shhh! It's a secrect. Actually, it's really similar to this story, maybe too...
  4. Vader7476

    Partners in Crime - by Vader7476 (~BBW, ~BHM, Both, ~~WG, ~Sex, Feeding)

    Frank's fears had come to fruition, looking at the small girl before him and his wife. "This could get ugly…" Laurie had been caught, panties down, fun bags popping out of her bra. And worst of all, Frank had stopped pumping. The interruption was starting to really irritate her...
  5. Vader7476

    Partners in Crime - by Vader7476 (~BBW, ~BHM, Both, ~~WG, ~Sex, Feeding)

    ~BBW, ~BHM, Both, ~~WG, ~Sex, Feeding - A surprise visit by her husband at work leads to something more. [Author's Note:] Short story I wrote for Mollycoddle's birthday. Short and sweet. There's a lot to say about it, on how it's set up and all that jazz. I don't want to spoil it though...
  6. Vader7476

    The Camera Just Loves Kristy - By TheOwl (~BBW, Eating, ~MWG)

    You're quite welcome! Wow, and a link to my site, haha, plugs rule! :) I like it so far man, keep it up, and more Jenna chapters too! Hahaha. :p
  7. Vader7476

    First You Make a Roux (in two parts)

    That wasy incredibly fast! I had no idea you'd be done so quickly. :) It was really good! Naturally I would have rather had more focus on Josie...:p I really liked the touches you made with it. I could tell you research your stories. You knew a lot about architecture in The New Normal...
  8. Vader7476

    Anyone seen Observer?

    No, not at all. Let's hope we get some good news soon. :)
  9. Vader7476

    Anyone seen Observer?

    Here, here. Are you going to be implementing those changes, or waiting?
  10. Vader7476

    Anyone seen Observer?

    Right, but the thing is, I think he usually tells Conrad when he's going to be on vacation or gone for extended periods. I think. I don't know that for sure.
  11. Vader7476

    Anyone seen Observer?

    He's had health problems in the past. Let's hope nothing has happened, and that he's okay. Conrad hasn't even been able to get in touch with him, no one knows what's going on. :(
  12. Vader7476

    looking for a story

    Is it Megan by Mollycoddles?
  13. Vader7476

    Anyone seen Observer?

    His account says he hasn't logged on since October 29. No one can get in touch with him. :(
  14. Vader7476

    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 2

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Looove it. :wubu:
  15. Vader7476

    Vader7476's Art

    I'm not sure how many of you follow me on my deviantart site(Link in my signature!) but here's a few pieces of art from my gallery that are allowed in Dims. I resized them to help fit them better. They're viewable much larger in my gallery. Alice from the Alice Saga: Jen from the...
  16. Vader7476

    Some BBW art

    I didn't really think this section was made for art(drawings) but it seems to be prevalent now. Haha, maybe I should make a post for my art as well. Anyway, nice to see you pluggin your work on here sir. :)
  17. Vader7476

    Burn and Ban

    Right, but you're advocating an addition for a section for solely true stories. There are only a few on here that are billed as having actually happened. There's not enough content to warrant your suggestion, and anyone that wants to tell their real life experiences is free to do so and claim...
  18. Vader7476

    Being Fat...Is it a Choice

    Diet, what you eat and how much. Exercise, what types of activities and how long(Aerobics vs. Anabolics for instance) Genetics, DNA and what you're predisposed to be(Metabolism). This can tie into medical conditions, like thyroid disease. They all play a factor, most definitely. So...
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