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  1. Jimevil2000

    FA Dating Frustrations

    He may be new to being with a larger woman. Although I notice you say “seems like” he is bothered. Why not just ask?
  2. Jimevil2000

    FA mistakes?

    I don’t know that everything can be coughed up to gender biases. Men and women are inherently and biologically different. To pretend otherwise would be disingenuous. These differences manifest themselves in different ways. Some emotional or rational expression is also due to hormonal and...
  3. Jimevil2000

    Board Changes - March 2019

    Understandable. How about moving them to an archived area, using the same general parameters as a guide? This way we keep current members and threads active, while not loosing anything previously posted.
  4. Jimevil2000

    FA Dating Frustrations

    My experience is exactly the opposite. Most I come across are jaded from the lack or attention in a previous (or ongoing) relationship. I’ve been approached by more than a few married women at events looking for attention who caught me staring. But then I’m the the NYC area - people are...
  5. Jimevil2000

    Whatever happened to Dims Matching?

    I was a member years ago, and it was a great dating type setup. It was basic, with no frills. But worked well for me, especially in my area (NY Metropolitan Area). I’m eager to begin the search for my next ex-wife! :p
  6. Jimevil2000

    Board Changes - March 2019

    Is it possible to just remove some of the older threads? I’d rather start a new one rehashing old topics then reply to stuff from ten years ago that no one is reading or was started by someone who is no longer active. That might go a long way towards keeping active members interacting with...
  7. Jimevil2000

    FA mistakes?

    Thats the inherent difference between men and women. We say what we are thinking and are answer/solution oriented. They speak to emotion and don’t want an answer, they just want to be heard.
  8. Jimevil2000

    Yku have an intriguing profile.

    Yku have an intriguing profile.
  9. Jimevil2000

    BBW’s and the Fashion Industry

    I agree. As I said, it’s about how a design drapes and falls. That’s also why I believe a certain amount of laziness is involved. It’s just easier to use a formless model. As for money, that is always a motivation. This is why no one will crack that unless they are already established. It’s...
  10. Jimevil2000

    Same name on KiK messenger.

    Same name on KiK messenger.
  11. Jimevil2000

    BBW’s and the Fashion Industry

    I have an art degree and did a lot of freelance work over the years, including fashion design and consulting. What I’ve discovered is the majority of the weight bias in media and society comes from the fashion industry as a whole. Through my own experience this is due to two reasons. First...
  12. Jimevil2000

    Bottom heavy

    I agree 1000%. But then I’m ass, hips and thighs centered!!
  13. Jimevil2000

    FA mistakes?

    I never really considered the term FA to describe myself. I don’t know why, because I’m very forward about only being attracted to large women. Even my dating profiles say those exact words. My biggest mistake would be assuming that woman who is willing to share her weight indicates either...
  14. Jimevil2000

    Bottom heavy

    I’m not talking about a nipple fetish, although I’m sure that’s a factor as well. I mean 99% of men go straight to the nipple and ignore the rest of the breast anyway. Hence me saying the rest is window dressing.
  15. Jimevil2000

    The Reality Of Dating An SSBBW

    This is true for any relationship. They all have obstacles to overcome. Yes, there are issues specific to being a ssbbw or a mature ssbbw, but like any relationship you work through them or you get the boot!
  16. Jimevil2000

    How do you describe what you like to others?

    I don’t describe it. If asked I say I’m only attracted to larger women, otherwise it should be obvious from who is on my arm. I had some near death experiences and saw people die in my life. It helped me realize life is too short to give a fuck what people think of my choices or what the media...
  17. Jimevil2000

    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    The Lane Bryant catalog. I used to sneak it into the bathroom.
  18. Jimevil2000

    Not sure if it's my insecurities talking or I am seeing a red flag.

    There may be red flags, but that generally isn’t one. I’ll use myself for an example. I’m a gym rat, although after passing 40 my six pack is not a defined as it once was. I have ALWAYS dated or been with larger women (like size 22 to 28 range). It’s what I’m attracted to and it has nothing to...
  19. Jimevil2000

    Bottom heavy

    People will always have something to obsess about and worry over. This is natural. That being said, the fact that I can search “big ass small tits” and find porn dedicated to it is telling that I am not even a minority. Besides, it’s all about the nipples. The rest is window dressing.
  20. Jimevil2000

    "My BF Is Obsessed With Obese Girls He Forced Me To Be One"

    No. I’m not defending it in that context. But one side of the story is only one side. It’s easy to place blame.
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