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  1. 3CatsAnd1Fish

    LA Weightloss TV

    Every day I get hounded by the medical profession bout losing weight. And the people around me. Magazines. And the TV. The biggest loser of them all is L.A. Weightloss. I have to say I tried it. They stole almost 2 grand from me and I didn't even lose a pound. And there's no money back...
  2. 3CatsAnd1Fish

    Something for me

    Tomorrow is my 34th birthday and I'm going to do something for me. I had to bite the bullet with my husband and stand up to him, but I did it. I'm going to get LASIK. I've been wanting it for years, but never had the money or the credit to get a loan. I finally was approved for a loan and...
  3. 3CatsAnd1Fish

    Fear of food shopping

    I haven't went grocery shopping in years. My husband has always done it. But the prospect of him going on an unaccompanied tour of duty (Korea) or deployment (even worse!) has me scared. I hate shopping for clothes and for anything edible. You know how other people view us when we shop: the...
  4. 3CatsAnd1Fish

    Medical size discrimination

    God bless the USA! And God bless our Armed Forces. However, our Armed Forces medical staff need to work on their prejudices against people of size. Since 2003, I've had terrible plantar fasciitis in both feet. I went to the medical clinic on post 3 times, months between visits, and all they told...
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