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  1. Carl1h

    homemade mustard

    Anyone making their own mustard? I have been making some and I have been pretty happy with the results except that I haven't quite gotten the vinegar background tang that I want. As far as price goes, it probably doesn't cost me much more than a buck to make a cup of mustard. Here's what I...
  2. Carl1h

    The way he always said he wanted to go.

    I was reminded this morning of a man who had died while camping in the desert of Nevada in the summer. Long story short, the desert killed him. The family took solace in that he died doing something he loved to do even though he knew it was dangerous, camping in the desert. I hope, that...
  3. Carl1h

    To announce or not?

    So, if you're going to change or start an exercise regimen do you tell people of your new plan or do you just quietly go about trying to make the changes? My sister was outlining her plans for more exercise this year and it reminded me that I should be exercising more (or some, as the case...
  4. Carl1h

    Fat guy costumes?

    A combination of Halloween being not so far off (round here we make stuff for Halloween and that takes planning ahead) and the Steampunk thread and this: Makes me wonder, what does/would the collective brain trust here do to put fat men in cool costumes?
  5. Carl1h

    Where do you get the energy?

    Where do people get the energy for all the hatred and animosity that goes back and forth here? Aren't the other people here basically your people? The people that are on your team? Yet you act like, come the revolution these are the first people you would line up against the wall. I realize...
  6. Carl1h

    Roly Poly

    This is the Pine Valley Cosmonauts version of the song which I first heard done by George Wills. Something reminded me of this song today and I thought some of you might enjoy it. Pine Valley Cosmonauts, Roly Poly
  7. Carl1h

    Making Latex Clothing

    I found this blog about making latex clothes, here: None of the models are plus sized, the writer does much of her own modeling, and none of the clothes she demonstrates making are plus sized, that's the disclaimer. What it is though is instructions on...
  8. Carl1h

    what to do with old, torn pants?

    I wear out the crotch of my pants before anything else. I have gotten used to it and it and honestly I don't mind buying a couple new pair of pants every year, it probably is for the best anyway (otherwise I might be wearing pants from the eighties still). My problem is that I end up with a...
  9. Carl1h

    Who is that with the Irish PM?!?!

    I was watching BBC World News America this evening and during a piece on Ireland's vote on some EU treaty (no need to make that issue the topic here) I see the Irish PM, Brian Cowen, and I'm thinking, good for Ireland having someone with some weight as a PM, then I see a BBW walking with him...
  10. Carl1h

    I'm the guy who hates the hot guy thread, let's talk about it here

    This is a continuation from a discussion in this thread: Moved it here so that the discussion could continue without derailing the other thread. I'm referencing my post here and the general discussion that followed, also...
  11. Carl1h

    How do the fat people feel about their partners size?

    Ok, guys and gals, the FAs are talking about the details of their relationship to fat, here's a chance for us to do the same. I've heard from BHMs that they don't go to the main boards because the fat women only like the skinny guys and I heard from BBWs that they don't go to the BHM/FFA...
  12. Carl1h

    fat loving, preference vs fetish, how does it make you feel?

    I'm starting this because of some of the posts on the main board made me curious. For the FAs, how do you consider your attraction to fat? Is it a preference? Is it a fetish? Do the two descriptions mean different things to you or make you feel differently about your attraction? For...
  13. Carl1h

    Do me a favor

    If you're a guy (only because the thread topic is Hot Boys) and you have posted a belly pic here. Go over to the Hot Boy thread in The Lounge Forum and post your pics there. If you've posted couple pics here, then post your couple pics there too. The fat guys need to represent. Now where's...
  14. Carl1h

    We love ALL our FFAs here

    :wubu::wubu::wubu::wubu: Apropos to nothing in particular happening on the main board (cough cough) it seems like both the fat and thin FFAs might feel less than totally appreciated or approved of. However feelings might run anywhere else, I think that all the men here can agree with me when...
  15. Carl1h

    Are BHMs fragile flowers on the edge of emotional collapse?

    If they are I don't really see it here. Sure there are dramatic posts saying, "no one appreciates me and I am never coming back!" But I don't think those represent the majority of BHMs here. Some guys find this forum and feel like they just found a sign that says free candy. Then they get...
  16. Carl1h

    What confidence looks like

    There has been some discussion here about confidence being appealing. I don't disagree, I think that confidence is sexy in women and I certainly am not surprised that women find it sexy in men. To start though I want to make a distinction between a lack of confidence and something more akin to...
  17. Carl1h


    I used to hang out here some, and here I am shuffleing back in. Hello everybody. I'm Carl. I love the belly pic thread and I especially loved to see all the fat ffa's out there. I'm old enough to remember when fat acceptance meant fat folks looking for skinny partners and that never...
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