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  1. 44n220lbs

    interracial dating...

    my ex told me that she would never date a white man ever since the day she had her first relationship with a black man... I'm a black man who has dated black and white women and to be honest I don't have a preference...however when I join a dating site and I see a woman I find attractive but...
  2. 44n220lbs

    ladies what turns you on about bhm?

    Ive never asked this question before but I'm really interested in knowing what turns you on about bhm? Is it the big bulging tummies and massive necks that many bhm have? I know that what turns me on regarding bbw is their sometimes Enormous wobbly backsides...wide hips...big thighs and...
  3. 44n220lbs

    uk newbie here

    hello everyone, how are you[s]? I joined a few weeks ago but my account was only validated yesterday so I want to use this chance to Introduce myself and hopefully make a few new friends along the way. Well, I'm from the UK in London town and I'm 44 and currently single. I'm currently...
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