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  1. Flutterby68

    What is your weight right now?

    Last doctor visit, I was at 310. My doctor believes that my stress levels are contributing to the recent weight gain/inability to lose.
  2. Flutterby68

    Meijer Department Stores To Eliminate Separate Plus Size Women's Clothing Department

    I actually looked at our local Meijer store. I HATE this. It used to be that I knew exactly where the stuff in my size was located. Now I have to dig through a rack containing 30 identical shirts to try to find one in my size. This has not been a very well-received change.
  3. Flutterby68


    Try www.fullbeauty.com They have a lot of different underwear options in larger sizes
  4. Flutterby68

    Please explain gaining to me

    I don't get it either. I'm a BBW at 280, and I HATE being this size and I am incredibly unhealthy. Some people are lucky enough not to have those issues, I'm just not one of them. I hate my body, mainly because of the health issues involved with being this size.
  5. Flutterby68

    Do you double space?

    Double spacing is the proper way to do it, and I will always continue to do it. The same goes for refusing to end a sentence with a preposition, putting a comma after the last entry in a list (before the "and"), and using proper margins.
  6. Flutterby68

    FA needs help with wife

    HER body. If she wants to lose weight, that is her right. And what's more, she has EVERY right to have her body be the size that she wants it to be... and you have no say over it. I would say to you the very same thing I've said to men who whine "my wife has gained 50 lbs since we...
  7. Flutterby68

    Marriage Weight Gain

    Both DH and I have gained weight. He's put on about 50 lbs since December 2006 when we got together. I've put on about 30 lbs. He had washboard abs, now he looks about 7 months pregnant. I had lost some weight, but now I'm back up to about 280. BOTH of us need to lose some for...
  8. Flutterby68

    Question For The Big Ladies Here, About Top Styles..

    I don't like empire waists because they look like maternity shirts. Yuck. I will NOT wear any sort of top without a bra. Ever. I do love my tank tops with the built-in foam bra cups. Makes it easier. My favorite tops tend to be the peasant style tops with flowing sleeves, and a lace-up...
  9. Flutterby68

    Baby, it's cold outside, so whatcha got cooking?

    Roasting a chicken with butter and herbs in the cavity, and bacon on the outside. Yum.
  10. Flutterby68

    Menus and meal planning

    Oh.. and I use a VERY detailed master grocery list. Here it is: FRESH MEAT/POULTRY Ground beef Italian sausage Steak Breakfast Sausage Bacon Chicken Hamburger patties Pork Chops Fresh Fish Lunch meat Ham Corned beef brisket Hot dogs __________________ DAIRY/EGGS Milk...
  11. Flutterby68

    Menus and meal planning

    I tend to plan menus a week or two in advance, but not in any set order. Just "I'm gonna make these 10 meals" and will choose at the time which day to do it. I will choose the meal menus based on what is already in the house, and what is going to be on sale, and then I shop accordingly. We...
  12. Flutterby68


    I absolutely LOVE this place... but a lot of the stuff isn't in large enough sizes. But some is! http://www.steampunkemporium.com/steam.php
  13. Flutterby68


    Go to a Lane Bryant store and get MEASURED. You're probably wearing the wrong size - most women are. Also... I wear an F cup, and LB does carry them. But manufacturers and styles are different, and you may wear a different size for each. The sales clerk at LB would know the differences AND...
  14. Flutterby68

    Virgin Roll Call

    It is far from a wives' tale, it's a medical fact. However, the thickness of the hymen is the most important factor in that regard.
  15. Flutterby68

    oy, it's letters to people and things, part deuce!

    Dear DH I love you. But that doesn't mean that I will automatically turn a blind eye to your daughter's stupid antics. She's 23 and the mom of a 6 month old. She needs to get off her ass, go BACK to school (but pick one, since she's dropped out after one semester in more than one program!!)...
  16. Flutterby68

    The most ridiculous song you've heard?

    Absolutely ANY "song" that has been performed/recorded by Lady Gargoyle (Lady Gaga). I can't stand her.
  17. Flutterby68

    Virgin Roll Call

    I'm on the other side of the fence. I don't think there is anything laudable or especially wonderful about remaining a virgin past the age of ... oh, 21 or so. And even that is relatively late. I don't advocate setting up shop with a "take a number" waiting room, but preserving the virginity...
  18. Flutterby68

    Earring Organizer

    www.firemountaingems.com - they have a lot of display/storage items. That's where I get mine. This one holds 72 pairs of earrings, and can fold up with earrings in it. This one rotates and holds up to 96 pairs.
  19. Flutterby68

    How do you feel about thin partners who like you fat?

    Well, I am married now.... to someone who says he loves ME, regardless of what size I am. But he's another one of those guys who says he prefers big women, but the women I catch him looking at, the type of porn he's interested in, etc. are the skinny bimbos with the big (fake) tits.
  20. Flutterby68

    How do you feel about thin partners who like you fat?

    Sure I believe FAs exist. I just haven't personally MET ONE, at least not one that was ever interested in me for anything other than sex. To be honest, in my experience men are willing to have sex with me at any time. But to be seen in public with me, oh HELL no. They won't be seen with...