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  1. TheMildlyStrangeone

    Any other BHM or BBW struggle with anxiety?

    This might be better off posted in the health board but this is board I frequent the most so I figured I'd post it here. For the past few years I have been suffering from increasingly crippling anxiety. I've always had irrational fears and worries from my youth. As a child, I would be...
  2. TheMildlyStrangeone

    delete please

    repost MFER [please delete]
  3. TheMildlyStrangeone

    Question about over-eating

    do you guys ever get so full it feels uncomfortable to breathe?
  4. TheMildlyStrangeone

    Drinking thread

    I could've sworn there was a drinking thread on here. I promised I searched and couldn't find it. Anyway, I am drinking Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout. ;) feeling it too.
  5. TheMildlyStrangeone

    Does BHM porn interest FFA's?

    I know there isn't much of this stuff going around. Just curious if there is a general interest from FFA"s for BHM's starring in some porn videos?
  6. TheMildlyStrangeone

    Cravings: What is yours right now?

    Goddamn, I feel like a pregnant woman but I am craving me some waffles right now. Maybe even some French toast. I can't even remember the last time I've eaten either but they would be so good right about now.
  7. TheMildlyStrangeone

    Do you have emotional scars from growing up fat in a cruel world?

    Growing up, being fat, I was tortured and made fun ofconstantly. My nickname in one school was 'loafy' (I can remember numerous others but there's no sense in posting them here) (If you were a kid in the 90's, I'm sure you remember Loafy) It was pretty hard to deal with a lot of the...
  8. TheMildlyStrangeone

    Are reverse shots (point of view from the back) appealing to any FFA's?

    I forgot I took some reverse shots the other day. Was going through the folder and noticed. Wasn't sure is there was any appeal to these but I figure, why waste the effort ;)
  9. TheMildlyStrangeone

    Very good episode on Obesity

    No matter what you feel about John Stossel, he gave a very favorable episode to obesity and the myths surrounding it. http://www.hulu.com/watch/126807/stossel-thu-jan-28-2010#s-p1-sa-i0
  10. TheMildlyStrangeone

    Myths about Fat People- Episode 1: Twinkies

    I would really like to start a series of discussions in this forum dedicated to breaking some of the myths and stereotypes associated with fat people. I always cringe and get annoyed when I hear people lobby the insult "lay off the twinkies". Now, I may be completely alone in this sentiment...
  11. TheMildlyStrangeone

    BHM (me) riding an exercise box topless. Video***

    Ok, so I thought there might be some interest for a video on here. I use this exercise bike just to keep in some sort of physical health. Not trying to lose weight or anything since I know that is against the rules. Figured someone might like some eye candy. Please forgive my awful singing, as I...
  12. TheMildlyStrangeone

    I'll just leave these right here. New pics!

    Messing around with the new camera I got. Hope you enjoy :)
  13. TheMildlyStrangeone


    so I thought it was time for a little pictorial. My weight has been fluctuating back and forth between 340 and 360. Right now I am on a downward trend but who knows will I shall wind up. If the shirt don't fit... :p
  14. TheMildlyStrangeone

    Finally sprung for a new webcam

    This is just a sneak peak. I'll do requests too if anyone has one :)
  15. TheMildlyStrangeone

    I guess this is why they say to always read the care for labels on clothing?

    It fit when I bought it and it shrunk like crazy in the dryer. :rolleyes:
  16. TheMildlyStrangeone

    About that time: New Pics

    Hopefully you all enjoy :)
  17. TheMildlyStrangeone

    New pics

    Welp, I took some new pics. One reason I did this is I thought the ladies could use a bit more eye candy ;) (j/k). The second reason, which might not go overtoo well here, is I am in the midst of a prolonged weight loss. Fear not, my goal isn't to be a twink or anything the like. My family, my...
  18. TheMildlyStrangeone

    Gift Idea for Green people/Readers/Bibliophiles

    http://features.csmonitor.com/books/2008/11/19/a-book-as-christmas-gift-heres-a-smarter-idea/#comment-2949 They’re calling it “Netflix for books” and the most surprising thing about it is that no one has tried it before. BookSwim is an online book rental and delivery service. If you don’t...
  19. TheMildlyStrangeone

    We could all use some free money, right?

    I came across this site when I was looking at sites offered by a site I am part of. I signed up because they give a free 5$ to start, and who couldn't use that. It kind of works like E-bates if anyone is familiar with that. You get cashback for buying stuff that you'd normally buy online anyway...