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    bbw woman "stuffing, XWG, superheroes, squashing."

    Big holes. Two demands and only one addressed. He wanted everyone in the store dead. Was this meant to be an “unless you eat all the food in the store”? I can follow the fantasy that magic/miracle gum that emptied the stomach and converted the contents in fat but why he want her to not have gum...
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    Opposites Attract by Jerry Thomas (SSBHM, ~FFA, feeding, romance)

    The scary thing is that there are a lot of people when they think about the empty calories that they are excessively consumming is Cool. It is possible to find one.
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    Sara Plain and Fat - by R&R (USBBW, Eating, XXWG)

    Gosh the weight achieved. It was towards the end of the story when she reached the weight of a sub compact car and the end when she reached the weight of Rig/Tractor that is used to pull Semi Articulated Truck when the story was going to far for possibility. People at 350 kilograms (772 pounds)...
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    "It's just a harmless ball..." (squashing, crushing, true story)

    As a fellow squashee I hear your state of overwhelmed by the incident. I looked at the pictures; her front to back measurement was huge, left to right measurement are not so important as they spread/share the weight over an area. Her volume over every square inch on top is a large ratio. I have...
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    The Assumption Game

    It is all degrees. Over weight is 145 pounds, Over weight is 345 pounds. A little weird of talking to dead people and weird as in this is the only rhelm where it is not so.
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    Make Believe by FC Punk

    I like that thin girls stay thin and pretent to be fat without never knowing what being fat is truely liked. But the girl wil have to take the risk that if he tries a fat girl he decide TO change over and she is out of desiree by him.
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    The Assumption Game

    Well I am normall weird so weird is normality.
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    Hannah - Stuffing, SSBBW

    The moment of packed to the hilt and then coming to the moment when a bit more can be painfully fitted in.
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    The Assumption Game

    some people assume I am normal.
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    What says your warning label?

    Caution if eyes are glazy may think I am in a dream and without reservation hug and caress you.
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    Explain your screen name

    I am a bush person over city person. I dress like a bush person. I love been up in the mountains.
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    Explain your screen name

    Does not require hope, just let it happen.
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    One Completely Random Sentence...

    If there is a gateway to a dimension that my fantasy of being squashed endlessly by vast proportion woman I will die trying to find it.
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    Beth's Desire (SSBBW, squashing, eating)

    I love a story about somebody being compressed under another person because I enjoy being squashed myself. I am not into the violence of abduction to inflict terror into an innocent victim. However this is only a fantasy of acting without care, never ever act on it as that is being a monster...
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    Thanksgiving Leftovers (SSBBW, Extreme Stuffing, Laziness, XWG)

    I try visualizing the discussed matter. Exaggerating some details by 500 percent can be annoying for me as I switching between different scenarios that the writer is claiming to be the same situation. Her last measurements was/were (grammar which I am not talking about) 36'' thighs, 28'' waist...
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    Story: Mrs. Pear

    Thank you
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    Story: Mrs. Pear (Final)

    It was not along the initial style. I was expecting more whimsical. Some MILF stories are true. Your childhood friends mother. I always wondered how would one explain to your friends how you found their mother so much fun in the the non inocent world.
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    Story: Mrs. Pear

    Was this actually finished anywhere? The name Pear is not corny, it sounds like whimsical writing style. This started like a story that had chuckles as well exploration into the world of carnal activity. A kid who had no reservation to cease opportunity.
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    Opposites Attract by Jerry Thomas (SSBHM, ~FFA, feeding, romance)

    It is a captivating story. It almost had a feel they were an answer to each others questions of sadness of feeding. It shows how Jerry had change his reaction of being watched to fit this kind girls intent. You capture his emotion movement to unfamiliar accceptance.
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    Belly Sex?

    Thank you for explaing. That sort makes it simular to a dog trying to hump a persons leg. The recipient feeling to it must be the same as when a female drags/surf boards her breasts over a person.