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    Caught, by Machello (~BHM [Multiple], ~BBW [Multiple], Bondage, Force Feeding, ~~WG)

    ~BHM (Multiple), ~BBW (Multiple), Bondage, Force Feeding, ~~WG - A BBW takes revenge on her boyfriend by confining and force feeding him. Caught by Machello Chapter One Kyle was trying his hardest to force the fat upon Oliva. She was a portly 180 pounds at 5’ 7", but Kyle had dreams of a...
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    I'm 18 years old and a gainer. Please visit my profile and drop a comment. http://www.myspace.com/fattenme89 just a taste
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    Its Just Gum -by Machello (~Both, Magic Fantasy, ~XWG)

    Sry I have been real busy working. I will revise this last one with Major changes just hang tight.
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    Its Just Gum -by Machello (~Both, Magic Fantasy, ~XWG)

    [Author's note: Felt Like changing the "point of view"] Lexi, one of my classmates, wasn't as initially as obtuse and in denial as me. She had some of rthe gum and was just checking herself out in a mirror; she was displeased with what she saw. She saw through the daze unlike everyone else and...
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    Its Just Gum -by Machello (~Both, Magic Fantasy, ~XWG)

    -- Part 2-- I felt for my pockets my hunger begging to be fed. My night got great when I grabbed the pack out of my pocket. Unwrapping piece after piece until I had the total of 21 pieces in my hand a ball. I stuck it in my mouth. Chewing the gum was intense there was a flavor overload, but...
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    Its Just Gum -by Machello (~Both, Magic Fantasy, ~XWG)

    ~Both, Magic Fantasy, ~XWG - a news report that recently occurred in the universe of Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory Its Just Gum - Parts 1-2 by Machello I assume you have all seen the gum from Willy Wonkas factory. Well it finally works, too good. Willy Wonka’s new gum...
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    Enchanted Forest - by Machello (~BHM, Fantasy Eating ~XWG)

    ~BHM, Fantasy Eating ~XWG - with apologies to Lewis Carroll, whose Alice also encountered a talking rabbits. Enchanted Forest by Machello John and Jason were going on a camping trip with four of their friends. It was a Pre collage camping trip. They had just exited high school and wanted...