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    BHM The 6 Month Deal (~BHM, ~WG, Stuffing)

    ~BHM, ~WG, Stuffing - Darren and his wife Vanessa make a bet, the consequences of which could have a lasting impact on at least one of their waistlines. The 6 Month Deal by snr6424 Chapter 1 “So what do you say, slim? Think you can do it for six months?” she grinned, jabbing my...
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    Road Trip (~BBW, ~SWG, Stuffing)

    ~BBW, ~SWG, Stuffing - Sarah takes a food-centric road trip with a few friends, resulting in a slight weight gain. Her girlfriend's reaction surprises both of them. Road Trip by snr6424 “So are you ready for your trip?” Laura asked. I looked up from my mostly packed suitcase...
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    Garden of Eatin' . . . the rest of the story

    I've been searching for a certain story for over half a decade. All I really remembered was that it was about two women who went to another planet and couldn't get off of it. On this planet there was this fruit they could eat that gave them some type of vision, and there was a monkey-like...
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    Control & Frustration - by snr6424 (~BHM, ~BBW, Stuffing, ~MWG)

    Both, Stuffing, MWG. A husband's fantasy is revealed, but his wife doesn't think it will ever become a reality. When things start getting too "real" for her, she devises a plan of her own. Written from both POV's. Control & Frustration By snr6424 Alan "No freaking way," she...