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  1. ssbbwBrianna

    Seeking advice my Fiancé is losing weight

    BigElectrickat, great response <3 I agree with every single word. alot of people could benefit from advice like that, if they also took it to heart. You do sound like you have such a great thing with this person. Goodluck Banjoenelbano! While I don't know the feelings, i think I can imagine...
  2. ssbbwBrianna

    Armpit fat

    As fat girls, gaining any kind of weight, little struggles or new parts of your body will be added onto, or changing. I have huge fat in my armpits. lol and I have had them forever, since i've always been a large child, teen, and adult. Its something you learn to ignore, or lose weight to get...
  3. ssbbwBrianna

    BBW modeling made me feel like crap

    Being a paysite model is not easy. I've been doing it since I was 18. only 3 yrs, but i started at a time when my confidence was SO LOW. I just got out of highschool where people tear you apart for being larger than average. Anyways, You have to have thick skin and be completely comfortable...