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  1. zanza

    FA's views of FAs :preference, fetish, 'alt.' lifestyle?

    i guess i have been wondering what other FAs viewpoint on their 'FAism', it seems like there are different terms thrown around here and there to describe it, so i wanted to see what others think is the best term to describe their interest in a larger partner. i guess my own view is that is...
  2. zanza

    Questions, Questions, and you can guess it more Questions!!

    *wonders if it is a good idea to even say anything since the last time I really tried to say anything I ended up getting my self with a PM from admin and have statements 'disappear'* I suppose I am just thinking of all the frequent spring up of topics dealing the "F" word, (not F@#K, but...
  3. zanza

    a reintroduction of sorts

    wanted give some links to where a work is on the net oh well, i guess that is about it for now, http://zanza316.deviantart.com my fa realted da page, althought it is mainly alot of fanboy esque drawings and such http://hidan316.deviantart.com my other da page, although it is not used...
  4. zanza

    An introductian and a some quick drawings

    Hi, my name is Zanza I guess I have been lurking for some time, I am artstudent althought I don't consider my self very good at all I thought I might as well show what little talent I have since i am here